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Winter is coming to Hessen – this is where the first snow is falling

It’s getting wintry. Weather experts announce that Hesse will see the first snow as far as the plains.

Kassel – Winter is just around the corner. Last week, meteorologists already forecast the onset of winter in Germany for Friday (November 26th, 2021) with snow down to the plains. According to the qualified meteorologist Dominik Jung, the European weather model even calculates a snow bomb: “We are getting the first flockdown of the new winter season”.

In Hesse, too, the weather should be wintry in the next few days and the first flakes should fall. Already in the night of Saturday (November 27th, 2021) the snowfall in western Germany intensifies. Deep Andreas then also reaches Hessen and brings snow with it. Increasingly colder air can be expected at the weekend.

Snow in Hessen: weather experts forecast winter onset

After the first snowflakes could fall in higher elevations in Hesse on Friday (November 26th, 2021), widespread snow falls on Saturday night, in locations below 300 meters it is mostly sleet or rain. Especially in the mountainous region, snow can be expected at temperatures of 2 to -1 degrees. For the south of Germany, weather experts predict a lot of snow on the first Advent.

Es wird winterlich in Hessen: Bereits am Wochenende könnte auf dem Römerberg in Frankfurt eine leichte Schneedecke liegen. (Archivbild)


It’s getting wintry in Hesse: There could be a light blanket of snow on the Römerberg in Frankfurt by the weekend. (Archive image)

Above 400 to 500 meters, however, according to weather experts, it becomes white in Hesse and the snow remains. Saturday and Sunday (November 28th, 2021) there will be more snowfalls. It should be cold and wet with lots of clouds and precipitation. In the mountains, snow falls throughout, in the lowlands more sleet or rain. The maximum values in Hesse are 1 to 5 degrees on weekends.

Weather in Hessen: winter in the north, rain in the south

In the south of Hesse, however, it remains rainy for the time being. In Frankfurt there may be rain showers in some areas on Saturday night (November 27th, 2021). However, sleet and snow showers must be expected in Frankfurt and the surrounding area on Sunday (November 28th, 2021).

In the north of Hesse, too, the weather will be gray and overcast in the next few days. In Kassel, the first snowflakes can mix with the rain on Friday (November 26th, 2021). On Saturday night, the probability of snow in Kassel increases. Temperatures range from 3 degrees during the day to -1 degrees at night.

Winter weather in Hessen: It is getting wet and cold

“Northwest weather conditions are the classic snow-conveyors for the low mountain range, further down it will mostly only be wet and cold in this weather condition, and sometimes white at night. Most of the snow thaws away during the day in weather conditions like this, ”explains weather expert Dominik Jung from You should then be particularly careful on the streets, sidewalks and bike paths, as there is an acute risk of slipping.

In the coming days, the weather in Hessen should change little. It remains cold and wet with regional precipitation that turns into snow at higher altitudes. The forecast for Hessen:

Saturday (11/27/2021) mostly cloudy to overcast, increasing showers in the afternoon, above 200-400 meters of snow, 2 to 4 degrees, at night also in deep layers snow
Sunday (11/28/2021) Heavily overcast with showers, snow in the mountains, rain or sleet in low areas, snow not excluded, 2 to 3 degrees
Monday (29.11.2021) Heavily cloudy with a few showers, mostly rain at low altitudes, occasional sleet, in the mountains snow, 2 to 5 degrees, at high altitudes around 0 degrees, locally light permafrost
Tuesday (11/30/2021) Heavily cloudy to overcast, light precipitation at times, mostly rain in low areas, snow in the mountains, 2 to -2 degrees

After the early winter weekend, the weather should be milder again next week. Even stormy and very wet times are possible according to the forecasts of the weather experts. (Helena Gries)

List of rubric lists: © Frank Rumpenhorst / dpa

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