NewsWinter weather in Germany: Sunday brings "a white surprise"...

Winter weather in Germany: Sunday brings "a white surprise" in the north

Many hope for a white Christmas. At the moment, however, the weather is increasingly making the roads slippery. The snowfall also lasts.

Munich – The winter weather * has large parts of Germany * under control. Slightly rising temperatures combined with precipitation led to mirror-smooth roads in some places on Saturday (December 4th) – there were warnings for Bavaria, for example. *

According to DWD forecasts, Saturday afternoon will be rainy in both the west and the south. Only in the higher mountains does snow fall. In addition, the southwest has to expect occasional thunderstorms. In contrast, it should usually remain dry in the northeast. According to the DWD, the maximum temperatures during the day range between 3 degrees in the east of the republic and 11 degrees in south-western regions.

At the same time, strong freshening winds * from the west are expected in the southwest and in the foothills of the Alps. These can result in strong gusts, and even gusts of wind in the mountains. It is quieter in the north, where only weak to moderate winds develop from the south-east.

Weather in Germany: Hamburg experiences “a white surprise” on Sunday

For the night of Sunday (December 5), the DWD expects further precipitation in areas. These mainly hit a wide strip from the North Sea to the eastern low mountain range. Snow can even come down at lower altitudes. “Even in Hamburg there is a white surprise,” said meteorologist Anna Gröbel from . Responsible for this are “heavy snow and rainfalls”, which sometimes bring a lot of precipitation in the northwest, the weather expert forecast.

According to DWD information, heavy snowfalls can occur in the north during the night, which is also possible in lower elevations. Smoothness can occur as a result. The temperatures are between +3 and -2 degrees on Sunday morning.

Ein Mitarbeiter der Stadtreinigung Hamburg streut nach Schneefall ein Salz-Sandgemisch an einer Fußgängerampel


The streets of Hamburg were partly slippery.

Weather in Germany: Another significant risk of slipperiness on the night of Monday (December 6th)

According to the DWD forecast, Sunday brings heavy cloud cover during the day. This means that shower-like precipitation * must be expected, especially in the north and west of Germany and in the Alps. These come down in lower regions as rain, sleet or sleet. There is snowfall only above 300 to 400 meters. DWD meteorologists expect loosening and only a few snow showers from Brandenburg to the Danube.

Temperatures reach highs of 1 and 7 degrees, with the southwest being the warmest. Stormy gusts are sometimes possible on Germany’s coasts. The night of Monday (December 6th) usually brings heavy cloud cover. Since there can be sleet or snow showers in certain areas and the nighttime temperatures drop to 1 to -4 degrees, slippery roads are often to be feared. (kh) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

Rubriklistenbild: © Christian Charisius/dpa

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