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'Working Mothers': the sixth season of 'Workin' Moms' already has a premiere date on Netflix

For decades, the representation of motherhood in film and television used to be very far from reality . However, in recent years we have gradually been able to see productions in which we see it reflected in a more raw, realistic and, above all, sincere way.

One of them is ‘ Workin’ Moms ‘ (‘Working mothers’ in Spanish), which since its first season became one of the favorites for its humor and realism. The popular Canadian series will arrive in the coming weeks with its sixth season on Netflix and everything seems to indicate that there will be a seventh . We tell you all the details.

what is the series about

As its name suggests, ‘Workin’ Moms’ (or ‘Madres Trabajadoras’ in Spain) follows the lives of a group of women who work and are mothers. In the first season of the series we meet its protagonists, led by Kate Foster (played by Catherine Reitman, writer and creator of the series), who is a mother who works in a public relations agency and must return to her office job. after eight months of maternity leave , finding that many things have changed during her absence.

She is joined in the series by three other mothers: her best friend Anne Carlson (played by Dani Kind), Frankie Coyne (Juno Rinaldi) and Jenny Mathews (Jessalyn Wanlim). At the beginning of the series, the four attend a support group for postpartum mothers , in which they meet once a week to talk with other new mothers about different topics related to motherhood such as babywearing, breastfeeding and sexual life after childbirth.

While the first season focuses mainly on the chaos that surrounds postpartum and the challenges of the baby’s first year, in the following seasons -and without giving more details for those who have not yet seen them- we are finding both funny and dramatic episodes. , with very real problems and situations of life as a mother.

Throughout the first five seasons, we see them go from new mothers to mothers with some experience in terms of babies, but who continue to face different challenges in the lives of their children , who do not stop growing and reaching new stages. .

For example, we see ourselves comically reflected in some of the worst nightmares that parents experience, such as the dreaded lice or that moment when our son learns a bad word and repeats it endlessly.

Similarly, just as we get realistic moments of life with young children, we also get to see a little of what it’s like to deal with a teenage daughter in Alice, Anne’s eldest daughter, who goes from being a girl to being a girl who he’s trying to figure out who he is, while navigating the insecurities, difficulties, and social pressures of adolescence.

In addition to the challenges of parenting, the series also touches on some important issues of life after the arrival of children, such as the evolution of the couple’s relationship, the difficulties in achieving conciliation, as well as other topics, among which is the wage gap and even the confinement we experienced during the pandemic.

Although the series evolves as the children grow and the mothers begin to have more experience, there is one element that we have constantly seen since its inception: the importance of having friends who are mothers . And it is that as we know, motherhood is easier when you have a tribe.

It must be made clear that ‘Working Mothers’ is not a series in which motherhood is discussed in an idealized way or everything is treated with great sensitivity. In fact, if something characterizes her, it is her great sense of humor, which can sometimes be a little strong or acid , to touch on these issues that are very close to any mother.

When is Season 6 coming to Netflix?

As we have previously mentioned in other articles about this successful series, although it is originally Canadian, Netflix has the rights to have it on its platform, so we can usually see its complete seasons a few months after the premiere of each one in Canada.

In the case of the sixth season, the same thing will happen: although it has already been released and has even finished broadcasting in this country, Netflix recently announced that we will be able to enjoy the sixth season of ‘Working Mothers’ in Spain starting on May 10 .

In addition, although it has not been officially confirmed, several media reports that the series will have a seventh season and even on social networks they clarified during the end of the sixth season broadcast that the last episode broadcast was not the end of the series. .

As we still have a few weeks left to enjoy it, you still have time to catch up and watch the first five seasons of ‘Workin’ Moms’ , because in addition to being aimed at mothers, it is designed for the little free time we have: each chapter lasts twenty minutes and the seasons are usually short.

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