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World Photography Day 2021: Why is it celebrated on August 19?

On August 19, World Photography Day 2021 is celebrated, a date to remember this art that has been with us for a long time. In the course of history there are great photographers, but let’s learn why it is celebrated on August 19 and not on any other date.

Its origin dates back to August 19, 1839, when a new invention, the daguerreotype , was shown at the French Academy of Sciences. We are talking about a first photographic process that Louis-Jacques Daguerre invented. As this event marked a before and after in the history of photography, it was decided to choose this great day for the celebration.

Although the initiative to commemorate World Photography Day 2021 did not come from then, it was the Australian photographer Korske Ara, who thought, much later, to create World Photo Day . Recall, for example, that World Photo Day began as “an international photography event on August 19 that celebrates the passion for photography in our communities.”

This day has been celebrated since 2010 with an important event to remember this day and a photo gallery included, how could it be otherwise.

Increasingly popular day

And that is why, since then, it is an increasingly popular day around the world that recalls the number of photographers who have taken iconic photos and many of them risk their lives in various countries in conflict in order to give with the appropriate snapshot.

Digital world

We must indicate that the history of photography has changed a lot throughout life and it was not so long ago that reels were still being printed to obtain photos on paper. The digital world has completely transformed it and there are fewer and fewer impressions, a fact that has caused the disappearance of important companies in the sector.

How to celebrate it?

To celebrate this day, we can do it by taking various photographs and posting them on the net. Set the hashtag #WorldPhotographyDay , which is the official one for this day. Another option is to visit a photographic gallery or museum and get closer to the life of each author and place where the image has been made.

We can also do it with the best phrases about photography, remembering those iconic photographers , their most revered photos and entering this world by doing some training, if we are really passionate about it and perhaps we want to make a living from it.


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