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You will not meet Kratos, but the Norse mythology of the MMORPG Project Ragnarok looks really amazing

The Asian video game market is beginning to make no sense at all. It’s just sticking your head out of the lands of the Far East and wanting to dive right into the titles they are developing, like The Vanshee. Crazy, really.

This time we have to take a look at an old acquaintance, but one that you may have lost from your radar. Last year NetEase introduced Project Ragnarok , an MMORPG set in Norse mythology . Today we were able to take a look at the new advance.

It looks brutal, doesn’t it? The truth is that the Chinese company wants to bring the Asian game format closer to very high production values , worthy of a triple A. The main plot of the adventure will allow us to choose between nine races that must oppose the total destruction marked by a prophecy .

The truth is that the prints that the work throws, for now, are simply brutal. True, the phrase at the top right tells us that we are facing a graphic demonstration , but the intention is very promising. That plane flying over the landscape reminds of Immortals Fenyx Rising and one of the enemies is very similar to the giants seen in God of War.

We can use some creatures to our advantage, like those Cyclops that fight for us or allow us to climb steep cliffs. The open world and massive combat will be the order of the day while we play.

When will it arrive in our hands? As Gamersky reported at the time, no date is known , although it does seek to create a similar experience in all systems. From the study they have only pointed out that “it will reach all platforms”. We will be pending.