AutoYour Seat, always connected

Your Seat, always connected

Seat has always bet on digitization and connectivity. For this reason, it now makes the DataPlug device available to the customer, which aims to connect the car through the mobile phone using the free mobile application My Seat App , available for Android and iOS. In this way, the client will be able to know and manage the status of the vehicle with a single click, in addition to making an appointment with the official service within a maximum period of 48 hours and receiving support from the brand, among many other functions. The user will have all the relevant information about their vehicle, as well as an interactive manual for the model.

Since last November 1, this device has already been installed in all new registered vehicles, as well as in used cars marketed by Das Welt Auto . The rest of the customers who already have a Seat vehicle, for their part, will be able to request the DataPlug device at no cost, and as long as their vehicle is compatible, in the network of official Seat dealers, they can install it.

DataPlug functions

Thanks to this DataPlug device installed in the vehicle’s OBD-II port – a standardized connection used by the technical service to detect anomalies present in the vehicle – the official Seat application will convert each model into a connected car. All information will be sent via Bluetooth connection to the mobile application, without using a USB cable.

The functions of the DataPlug device include: vehicle status , which provides meaningful maintenance information to manage vehicle status, and even automatically make an appointment; metrics, which allow knowing certain information in real time and using specific functionalities related to the use of the model; trips, which saves your journey history; interactive manual, which contains all the information at a single click; maintenance guide, which allows you to consult multiple maintenance options; my cars, which includes user-specific functionalities related to your vehicle; personalized offers and notices related to the model; parking reminder, which remembers the location and calculates the route to get there; book an appointment, which allows you to request an appointment with the technical service without having to exit the application; and roadside assistance, which allows you to contact the assistance service in the event of a breakdown or accident, theft or own damage.

Color alerts

The DataPlug system works by sending a series of alerts to the driver’s mobile application, so that he can know the status of his vehicle at all times. Also, when one of these alerts is received, customer service will receive it, too. If this alert is orange, the Seat service will contact the customer to inform them in detail of what is happening and how to proceed. In the event that the alert is red, the customer will also receive the necessary information, but in addition Seat Responde will receive an alert so that he can contact the customer directly in less than four minutes, with the aim of offering a solution to transport his vehicle to workshop urgently.

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