NewsYoutuber exposes influencer with fake product

Youtuber exposes influencer with fake product

Youtuber Marvin Wildhage wanted to know whether influencers sell questionable products for money themselves. An influencer caught his eye with his ingenious plan.

Munich – Thanks to Instagram, it’s easier than ever to get rich and famous. If you have enough followers, you can make a fortune with advertising deals. Many social media stars use their reach for good – such as the influencer who reveals the illusory world of Instagram with her posts ( * reported).

Other influencers sell everything just to make money. It doesn’t matter whether your advertising partner’s product is of any use or not. At least that was the assumption of YouTuber Marvin Wildhage. He wanted to test how far influencers really go on Instagram for advertising deals.

YouTuber Mariv Wildhage creates fake product to expose influencers

YouTuber Marvin Wildhage needed a product for his project and he made it himself without further ado. To do this, he simply ordered empty cream jars and then filled them with lubricant. The product “Hydrohype” is ready, including the alleged list of ingredients that make up the cream. *

In addition to the usual ingredients for creams, radioactive “uranium”, toxic “asbestos” and freely invented “Pipikaka Seed Oil” were also to be found. The Youtuber even created a distributor website for his project and invented a PR agency that sells the product.

Wildhage’s “Hydrobomb” prank is supposed to put influencers in

The alleged organic product was advertised with bought likes on Instagram * and fake comments. YouTuber Marvin Wildhage even posted photos edited with Photoshop, on which the “vegan skin cream” could be seen on the shelves of German organic markets. After its successful staging, the products were offered to various influencers as part of a lucrative advertising deal. The YouTuber received a few rejections. But there were also many influencers who actually wanted to test the product beforehand.

An influencer fell for the fake product “Hydrohype”

Wildhage wanted the influencers to advertise the fake product by stating that an “essential component is water filtered through uranium rock”. Crucial here: Uranium is a component that can be used to build bombs and would therefore be a more than questionable substance in the cream *.

That didn’t deter the influencer Enisa Bukvic, who lives in Dubai. She sent the product to her and even advertised it. With before and after photos and an allegedly visible anti-aging effect, she diligently posted stories on her profile.

Influencer feels betrayed by malicious prank

When the Instagram influencer was finally confronted with the truth about the fake product, she had an excuse ready. Her management at the time approved the whole thing and the cream felt really moisturizing. Thanks to the organic label, she trusted the ingredients and did not fully understand everything, since German is not her mother tongue.

In addition, the Instagram influencer expressed strong criticism of Wildhage: “For me, the video is a video that shows human cruelty. Going so hard to test and see who falls for it and planning it so perfectly is insane to me. “

Although she did not check the list of ingredients properly, she “was ashamed, laughed at and hated by thousands and thousands of people.” She also confronted the authors of the hate comments *. “Ask yourself if you want to support someone who deliberately wants to pull others down”. In the future, she will only cooperate with well-known brands, explained the influencer.

It remains to be seen whether there were more influencers who fell for the prank. YouTuber Marvin Wildhage has only published the first part of his prank on Youtube so far. The Youtuber is celebrated on Instagram for his prank in the comments. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Rubriklistenbild: © Screenshot YouTube/Marvin Wildhage

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