Living101 Fall-Inspired Girl and Boy Names for Your Baby

101 Fall-Inspired Girl and Boy Names for Your Baby

The time in which our baby is born not only helps us to live a unique experience in motherhood, but it can also serve as inspiration for the moment of choosing his name.

Some time ago we shared 101 names for boys and girls inspired by spring and 101 names for girls and boys inspired by summer, and now that we are about to change the season, it is time to share 101 names for girls and boys inspired by autumn to your baby , as well as some facts about babies born in this season.

autumn babies

Fall-born babies are those born between the autumnal equinox , which occurs between September 22 and 23 in the Northern Hemisphere, and the winter solstice , between December 21 and 22, while in the Southern Hemisphere It happens between March 20 and 21, and June 20 and 21.

Autumn is a time that, after the vitality of summer, invites us to reflection and introspection. Autumn light is usually softer, the stars are more visible in the night sky and the days are gradually getting shorter. Emotionally, we associate autumn with melancholy and detachment, letting go of what is not essential to be prepared and make way for the new.

During this period, we also have some important dates in the northern hemisphere that can inspire us to choose the name that our baby will bear, such as International Music Day (October 1 and November 22 in some countries for Saint Cecilia, patron saint of musicians), World Astronomy Day (October 1), World Animal Day (October 4), World Philosophy Day (November 17), and International Euskera Day (October 3 from December).

Regarding babies, some studies have analyzed how the time in which they are born influences them, giving us some curious facts about them. For example, a UK study found that babies born in the early fall will be stronger and taller. The effect could be due to concentrations of the light-dependent hormone melatonin in the mother’s body, which could stimulate the secretion of growth hormones.

Another study, which analyzed how the time of year in which they are born influences their character, found that autumn babies have a very balanced personality and are not prone to depression, as reaffirmed by another study, which found that their mental health tends to be better than that of those born at other times of the year .

On the other hand, according to a study published in the Journal of Aging Research, babies born in the fall are more likely to live to be one hundred years old than those born at other times of the year.

Fall inspired girl names

  • Adhara : is a star of the constellation Canis Major, its name comes from Arabic and means “orange blossom”.
  • Adirane: Basque equivalent of Adriana.
  • Ainara: means “swallow”.
  • Glory: Basque equivalent of Gloria.
  • Alani: Orange in Hawaiian.
  • Aliza: Basque equivalent of Alicia, meaning “noble”.
  • Allegra: inspired by allegro, a musical term that refers to a tempo indication equivalent to fast.
  • Alondra: ave de melodious song.
  • Amber: for one of the typical colors of this time.
  • Anouk: of Teutonic origin, means “wolf”.
  • Anuntxi: Basque equivalent of Annunciation, meaning “announcement, message”.
  • Aria: from the Italian aria (“air”), it is a piece of music created to be sung by a solo voice without a choir.
  • Arinka: Russian variant of Irene, meaning “peace.”
  • Aurelia: Feminine form of Aurelio, meaning “golden.”
  • Aurora: inspired by the polar lights, whose names come from Aurora, the Roman goddess of dawn.
  • Begoña: Marian invocation of Bizkaia.
  • Carina: is a southern constellation that is part of the ancient constellation of Argo Navis (the Argo ship). His name means “keel”.
  • Celeste: of Latin origin, it refers to the celestial or what is in the sky.
  • Ceres: is a dwarf planet and the largest astronomical object in the asteroid belt, a region of the solar system that lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Its name comes from Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture, harvests and fertility.
  • Clementine: inspired by the orange fruit.
  • Columba: It is a small constellation just south of Canis Major and Lepus. Its name may refer to the dove that the Argonauts send out to determine if they can pass through the straits of the Black Sea, or to the dove that Noah used on his ark.
  • Cristina: comes from the Latin ‘christianus’ , which means “follower of Christ”. Inspired by Christine de Pisan (1364 – c. 1430), humanist philosopher and poet, considered the first professional writer in history.
  • Daphne: is a natural satellite that orbits within the famous rings of Saturn, whose name comes from Greek mythology, in which Daphne was a tree nymph.
  • Débora: of Hebrew origin meaning “bee” or “worker like the bee”.
  • Dolphin : graceful, beautiful and intelligent sea mammal. However, it also has other origins. In Greek mythology, it is the name of a dragon who was appointed by her mother, Gaia, to guard the oracle of Delphi.
  • Diana – In Roman mythology, Diana was the virgin goddess of the hunt, protector of nature and the Moon.
  • Eirene: is a natural moon or satellite of Jupiter, which receives this name from Irene or Eirene, originating from Greek mythology and whose meaning is “she who is very beautiful and brings peace”.
  • Elaia: Basque name, means “swallow”.
  • Electra: mythological name, meaning “Gold, brilliant, yellow amber.”
  • Emilia: has two meanings: the first, of Latin origin, means “the one who works hard”, and the second, of Greek origin, means “kind”. Inspired by Émilie Marquise du Châtelet (1706-1749) French mathematician, physicist and philosopher.
  • Gorane: Basque equivalent of Exaltation.
  • Irune: Basque equivalent of Trinidad.
  • Livia: the olive green one.
  • Lutxi: Basque equivalent of Lucía.
  • Mahina – means “moon” in Hawaiian.
  • Maia: Basque equivalent of Maria.
  • Mary: of Hebrew origin, it means “the chosen one” or “the one loved by God”. Inspired by María Zambrano (1904-1991) Spanish philosopher and essayist.
  • Melissa: of Greek origin, it means “bee, honey”. Inspired by Melissa of Samos, a philosopher and mathematician from the 4th-3rd century BC. c.
  • Mikela: Basque equivalent of Micaela.
  • Nahiara or Naiara : of Arabic origin, meaning “moonlight”.
  • Naike: of American origin, it means “autumn flower”.
  • Nekane: Basque equivalent of Dolores.
  • Oihana: Basque name, meaning “forest”
  • Olivia: of Latin origin, means “the one who brings peace”.
  • Pigeon: of Latin origin ‘palumba’, which means wild pigeon or derives from ‘columba’ which means pale coloured.
  • Selene : In Greek mythology, Selene was an ancient goddess of the Moon, daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Thea. It means “The woman of light” or “The one with the flash”.
  • Stella: of Latin origin, means “star”.
  • Sofia: means “wisdom”.
  • Sonja: Scandinavian form of Sonia, considered to be a variant of Sofia, meaning “wisdom.”
  • Úrsula: of Latin origin, from “ursus” (bear).
  • Vega: it is the fifth brightest star in the night sky and has been extensively investigated, even being cataloged as the most important star in the sky after the Sun. Its name comes from a transliteration of the Arabic word wāqi’ , which means ” falling” or “landing”.
  • Zareen: of Persian origin, it means “golden”.
  • Zarina: of Persian origin, it means “golden container”.
  • Zohardi: Basque name, means “clear sky.”

Autumn-inspired boy names

  • Aitor: Basque name, comes from the Suletin expression aitoren semea , which means ‘noble’, from the Basque aita onen semea , “son of good parents”.
  • Aki: Japanese name, means “born in the fall.”
  • Alnair: it is the brightest star in the Grus constellation, its name comes from Arabic and means “bright”.
  • Altair: It is the brightest star in the constellation of Aquila and its name derives from an Arabic expression to refer to a flying eagle.
  • Andoni: Basque variant of Antonio, meaning “brave.”
  • Apollo – one of the most powerful gods of classical antiquity, one of the Olympian gods. God of male beauty and the arts, especially music.
  • Arturo: a derived Celtic origin artos (bear) and rixs (king), that is, “king of the bears”, is attributed to him.
  • Asteri: Basque equivalent of Castilian Asterio. Of Greek origin, it means “star”.
  • Atlas: is a star that is part of the open cluster of the Pleiades in the constellation of Taurus. It was named in honor of Atlas, the titan father of the Pleiades.
  • Aurelio: name of Latin origin that means “golden”.
  • Beltrán : of Germanic origin, it means “illustrious raven” (as a symbol of the god Odin).
  • Bernat: Basque variant of Bernardo, meaning “strong bear.”
  • Bruno: means “brown”.
  • Callisto: is one of the satellites of Jupiter discovered by Galileo Galilei. In Greek mythology, she was one of the nymphs associated with Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. It is currently used as a unisex name.
  • Columbo: of Italian origin, means “pale, light yellow or gray”.
  • Dauphin : like Dauphine, it evokes the animal, but it is also the title given to the first-born of the King of France.
  • Dimas: Means “sunset” in Hebrew.
  • Donati: It was the first photographed comet, named after its discoverer, the Italian astronomer Giovanni Battista Donati.
  • Draco: is a constellation, so named because its shape resembles that of a dragon.
  • Edorta: Basque variant of Eduardo, meaning “the guardian of wealth.”
  • Euken: Basque equivalent of Eugenio, which is of Greek origin and means “the well-born.”
  • Phoebus: Roman god of music, arts and letters.
  • Ferdinando: is a satellite of Uranus, which receives its name from the character of Ferdinando, King of Naples in the play “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare.
  • Francisco: it is another satellite of Uranus, and like Ferdinando, its name also comes from “The Tempest”, by Shakespeare.
  • Guillermo: means “one who is a determined protector”. Inspired by William of Occam, recognized as one of the philosophers who laid the foundations for the change between the theological philosophy of the Middle Ages and modern philosophy.
  • Iñigo: variant of the old Basque name “Eneko”
  • Iren: Basque equivalent of Irineo, meaning “peace.”
  • Izar: considered one of the most beautiful double stars in the sky, its name comes from Arabic and means “veil”.
  • Jon: Basque equivalent of Juan.
  • Julen: Basque equivalent of Julián, means “with strong roots”.
  • Kari: is a natural satellite of Saturn, named after Kári, son of Fornjót, the personification of the wind in Norse mythology.
  • Laín: name of Latin origin that means “golden”.
  • Lander: Basque equivalent of Leandro, meaning “Lion of a man.”
  • León: of Latin origin, its meaning is “bold, imperious and brave”.
  • Lope : from the Latin ‘lupus’ (wolf).
  • Luken: Basque equivalent of Luciano, means “light”.
  • Mikel: Basque equivalent of Miguel.
  • Nahuel : of Mapuche origin, it means tiger.
  • Oriole: derived from the Latin Aureolus, meaning “golden.”
  • Patxi: Basque equivalent of Francisco.
  • Petri: Basque equivalent of Pedro, meaning “stone.”
  • Regulus: It is the brightest star in the constellation of Leo. His name comes from Latin and means “little king”.
  • René: of Latin origin, it means “Born Again”. Inspired by René Descartes, considered the father of modern philosophy.
  • Reuben : of Hebrew origin, “one who acts like a lion or wolf.”
  • Sirius: It is the brightest star in the entire night sky as seen from Earth. Its name comes from Latin, but its discovery is so old that the true meaning or origin of its name is unknown.
  • Todor: Basque equivalent of Teodoro, meaning “gift from God.”
  • Xabier: it is a Basque toponym composed, apparently, of etse “house”, a dialectal variant of etxe , and berri “new”. Its equivalent in Spanish is Javier.

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If your baby will be born in this season and you are looking for inspiration for his name, we will give you some ideas with our list of 101 names for girls and boys inspired by autumn for your baby .

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