Living101 girl names that start with the letter J

101 girl names that start with the letter J

Choosing a baby’s name is one of the most exciting moments future dads live, although the choice is not always easy. Some people prefer short names, while others opt for compound ones. The animal kingdom, nature, or well-known writers and artists can also be an excellent source of inspiration.

It is also common among many families for all their children’s names to begin with the same letter. Today we continue our tour of the baby names and it touches the letter J. So you are expecting a girl, we propose more than 100 ideas of names that begin with the letters J so that you can find the one you like the most.

  • Jacarandá : name of Guaraní origin, related to the lavender flower tree with a delicious fragrance.
  • Jacinda : variant of Jacinta
  • Jacinta : of Greek origin, it means “flower”, “hyacinth”.
  • Jackie : English variant of Jacqueline.

  • Jacoba : feminine form of Jacobo, name of Hebrew origin that means, according to the popular etymology contained in the Bible, “held by the heel”.

  • Jacobina : variant of Jacoba.
  • Jacqueline : name of Latin origin, French and English feminine form of Jaime, which means “rewarded by God.”
  • Jade : refers to the prized semi-precious stone
  • Khadija : name of the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad.

  • Jael : of Hebrew origin, unisex name of animal, it means “wild female goat”.

  • Jael : a variant of Jael.
  • Jailyn : of English origin, a variant of Galen , from the Greek galene , which means “calm.”

  • Jamaica : of native North American origin, it means “land of wood and water”.

  • Jamari : of Arabic origin, unisex name that means “beauty”. It also means “camel”.

  • Jamelia : From the Arabic jamari, it means “beauty”
  • Jamie : of English origin, female version of James.
  • Jamila : of Arabic origin, it means “beautiful”, “beautiful”.
  • Jamya : variant of Jaime, female version of James.
  • Jana : a variant of Johana, which in turn is a variant of Juana, a name of Hebrew origin whose meaning is “God has had mercy.”
  • Jane : of Hebrew origin, it means “full of graces”.
  • Janel : of English origin, feminine variant of the name John.
  • Janessa : variant of Jane.

  • Janet : variante de Jane

  • Jani : Finnish variant of Juana.

  • Jania : of Hebrew origin, feminine variant of the name John.
  • Janina : variant of Jania.
  • Janka : of Polish origin, feminine variant of the name John.

  • Janne : of Dutch origin, feminine variant of the name John.

  • Januaria : of Latin origin, it means consecrated to the god Janus, Roman god of peace.
  • Jara : of Slavic origin, diminutive of Gertrude, feminine version of Gerard, of gar, “lanza” “and wald,” to govern “.

  • Jantipa : of Greek origin, it means, “that of the reddish horse”

  • Januja : of Indian origin, means “daughter”

  • Janys : of Hebrew origin, feminine variant of the name John.

  • Jarita : of Indian origin, it means “clay jar”

  • Jasibe : of Arabic origin, it means “gift of God”
  • Java : of Hebrew origin, it means “life”. It appears in the Torah as the first woman.
  • Javiera : of Basque origin, which means “woman of the new house”.

  • Jaycee of English origin, nickname used for a person who parrots like a bird.

  • Jayla : of Greek origin, it comes from galen which means “quiet”.
  • Jaylin : variant of Jayla.

  • Jasmine : of Arabic origin, its meaning is “beautiful like the flower that bears her name”

  • Jeanette : French variant of the Hebrew name Yochanan , which means “God is merciful.”

  • Jemma : comes from Italian, it means “precious gem” or “jewel”

  • Jenara : of Latin origin, feminine variant of Jenaro, proper name consecrated to the god Janus.

  • Jenesis : of Greek origin, it means “origin” or “beginning”.

  • Jeni : diminutive of Jennifer
  • Jennifer : of Welsh origin, it means “white as the foam of the sea”.
  • Jenny : variant of Jennifer.

  • Jeri : comes from the German surname Gerard, from gar, “spear” “and wald,” to rule. “

  • Jerónima : of Greek origin, it means “the one with a sacred name”.
  • Jerusalem : means “house of peace”.
  • Jesca : of Hebrew origin, it means “grace of God”.
  • Jessica : of Hebrew origin, it means “grace of God”.
  • Jesualda : of Latin origin, it means “the one who carries the spear of command”.
  • Jesusa : of Hebrew origin, it means “Yahweh is the savior”

  • Jessie : of English origin, it comes from the Hebrew Yiskah , which means “God contemplates.”

  • Jezebel : of biblical origin, one of the variants of Elizabeth.
  • Jillian : in English, female version of Julian.
  • Jimae : of Hebrew origin, derived from Simeon, from the Hebrew shamah , “to hear”.
  • Jimella : variante de Jimae.
  • Jimena : of Basque origin, medieval variant of Simeona, it means “beast of the mountain”. It was the name of the Cid Campeador’s wife, Don Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar.

  • Joana : Catalan name, feminine of Joan, which in Spanish is Juan.

  • Joanne : English form of Juana.

  • Joaquina : of Hebrew origin its meaning is “Yahveh (God) will establish”

  • Johanne : variant of Joanne.

  • Jolan : of Greek origin, it means “violet”, a type of flower.
  • Jolanta : Polish variant of Jolan

  • Jolie : of French origin, it means “pretty, pretty”.

  • Jordana : of Hebrew origin, it means “the one that descends”.
  • Jorja : female variant of Jorge
  • Jorgelina : variant of Jorja
  • Jorgina : variant of Jorja, feminine of Jorge, which means “the one who works the land”
  • Josefa : of Hebrew origin, feminine variant of José, it means “What God multiplies”.
  • Josefina : variant of Josefa.
  • Joselyn : in English, it means “happy”.
  • Journey : from English journey, it means “the one who travels”.
  • Joviniana : of Latin origin, it means “consecrated to Jupiter”
  • Jovita : of Latin origin, it comes from Iovitus of the god Iovis (Jupiter).
  • Joy : it is associated with the words in English “joy” and “rejojo”.
  • Juana : of Hebrew origin, it means “full of grace”.
  • Jucunda : of Latin origin, it comes from jocundo , which means funny.
  • Jucundiana: variant of Jucunda.
  • Judith : of Hebrew origin, it means “Jewish”, “from the tribe of Judah”.
  • Judith : variant of Judit
  • Juji : of African origin, it means “heap of love”
  • Julia : of Latin origin, feminine variant of the name Julio. It comes from Iulus / Iulia , with whom everyone belonging to the Roman Julia family was identified. Its meaning is “consecrated to Jupiter”.
  • Juliana : variant of Julia
  • Juliet : variant of Julia
  • Juliette : French variant of Julianus, from the Latin iulius , meaning “heaven.”
  • Julina : variant of Julia.
  • Juncal : of Latin origin, it means “place populated by reeds”
  • June : of medieval Basque origin used as the equivalent of Juncal. It also means “June” in English.
  • Juno : of Latin origin, it means “young wife”.
  • Justa : of Latin origin, it means “straight”, “according to the law”, “the one that acts with justice”
  • Justina : variant of Justa
  • Youth : of Latin origin, it means “woman with youth”

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