Living101 girl names that start with the letter L

101 girl names that start with the letter L

One of the first important decisions we will make about our baby is to choose the name that he will carry throughout his life. There are many places where we can look for a little inspiration, such as nature or also, follow a family tradition.

But if you have a liking for a particular letter, our series of baby names from A to Z can give you some ideas. Continuing with this journey through the alphabet, we share 101 girl names that begin with the letter L.

  • Lacrima: of Latin origin, it means “tear”.
  • Lada – In Slavic mythology, she was the goddess of youth and beauty.
  • Ladislava: of Czech origin, it means “glorious ruler”.
  • Laerke: of Danish origin, it means “lark”.
  • Laetitia: French name of Latin origin, means “joy, happiness”.
  • Laia: Catalan diminutive of Eulalia, a name of Greek origin that means “to speak well”.
  • Lakshmi: of Sanskrit origin, it means “a fortunate omen”. It is the name of the Hindu goddess of beauty, abundance and prosperity.
  • Lala: Slavic variant of Laura.
  • Lalage: of Greek origin, it means “to chat”.
  • Lalia: of Latin origin, it means “speaking well”.
  • Lana: diminutive of Alana, feminine variant of Alan, that means “happy”.
  • Laoise: of Irish origin, it means “light”.
  • Lapis: of Persian origin, it means “azure blue stone”.
  • Lara: this name has two possible etymologies. One indicates that it is a Russian diminutive of the name Larisa. The other indicates that it comes from Roman mythology and it was the name of one of the water nymphs.
  • Laras: of Indonesian origin, it means “calm”.
  • Lari: diminutive of Laura.
  • Larisa / Larissa: of Greek origin, it means “citadel”.
  • Latifah: of Arabic origin, it means “gentle, kind”.
  • Latisha: variant of Leticia.
  • Laura: of Latin origin, it means “laurel” or “crowned with bay leaves”.
  • Lauralei: of German origin, it means “seductress”.
  • Lauren: English variant of Laura.
  • Laurentia: feminine variant of Lorenzo, which means “of Laurento”.
  • Lauretta: Italian diminutive of Laura.
  • Lavender: color and name of the plant.
  • Lavinia: of Latin origin, it means “of Lavinio”.
  • Lavra: Russian variant of Laura.
  • Layan: of Arabic origin, it means “kind, soft”.
  • Layla: of Arabic origin, it means “night”.
  • Léa: French name that means “strong, brave”.
  • Leah: Biblical name of Hebrew origin, means “tired”.
  • Leandra: of Latin origin, it means “like a lioness”.
  • Leanira: name of a type of butterfly.
  • Leda: of Greek origin, it means “happy”. In Greek mythology, she was the wife of Tindáreo, king of Sparta. Zeus was in love with her and to get closer he transformed into a swan. He had two children with him, Helena and Pollux.
  • Legra: variant of Allegra, which means “cheerful”.
  • Lei: means thunder in Chinese.
  • Leia: variant of Leah, which is of Hebrew origin and means “tired” or variant of Leya, which is of Hindu origin and means “lion”.
  • Leilani: Hawaiian in origin, it means “heavenly flower”.
  • Leire: of Latin origin, it means “legionary”.
  • Lena: short form of Elena, means “radiant, luminous, fire”.
  • Leocadia: of Spanish origin, it means “splendorous shine”.
  • Leona: inspired by the name of the animal.
  • Leonora: diminutive of Eleonora, variant of Elena, which means “fire, resplendent.”
  • Léonore: French variant of Leonora.
  • Lerka: Russian variant of Valeria, which means “strength, health”.
  • Leslie: of Scottish origin, it means “holly garden”.
  • Leta: of Latin origin, it means “happy”.
  • Letha: of Greek origin, it means “forgetfulness”.
  • Leticia / Letizia: of Latin origin, it means “happiness, joy”.
  • Levana: comes from Latin and means “white like the moon”.
  • Levia: of Hebrew origin, it means “to unite”.
  • Lexi: diminutive of Alexandra, feminine form of Alexander, which means “defender of men”.
  • Lia: means “bearer of good news”.
  • Liana: of French origin, it means “creeper”.
  • Libertad: of Spanish origin, it means “freedom”.
  • Lide: Basque equivalent of Lidia.
  • Lydia: of Greek origin, it means “woman of Lydia”.
  • Lila: of Arabic origin, it means “night”.
  • Lilia: of Latin origin, it means “lily”.
  • Liliana: variant of Lilia.
  • Lilo: Hawaiian in origin, it means “generous”.
  • Lin: variant of Lynn, which derives from the Celtic “leena” and means “lake”.
  • Lina: of Arabic origin, it means “tender”.
  • Linda: of Spanish origin, it means “pretty”.
  • Lis / Lys: means “lily”.
  • Lisa: diminutive of Elizabeth, which is of Hebrew origin and means “consecrated to God.”
  • Liu: of Chinese origin, it means “willow tree”.
  • Liv: of Nordic origin, it means “life”.
  • Livana: of Hebrew origin, it means “the moon, white”.
  • Livia: of Italian origin, it means “envious”.
  • Lizbeth: diminutive of Elizabeth.
  • Lizeth / Lizette / Lisette: diminutive of Elizabeth.
  • Llora: Catalan form of Laura, which means “laurel”.
  • Llúcia: Catalan form of Lucia.
  • Loa: of Hawaiian origin, it means “long”.
  • Lola: diminutive of Dolores, referring to the pain of the Virgin when her son was crucified.
  • Lorda: Catalan form of Lourdes.
  • Loredi: means “garden, place of flowers”.
  • Lorena: means “from the province of Lorraine”.
  • Lorenza: name of Latin origin that means “of Laurento”.
  • Loretta: variant of Laura, which means “laurel”.
  • Louisette: French variant of Luisa, feminine form of Luis, means “warrior”.
  • Lourdes: refers to the name of the French place ‘Lorde’, and refers to the invocation of the Virgin of Lourdes.
  • Lovella: of French origin, it means “wolf”.
  • Lua: of Portuguese origin, it means “moon”.
  • Luana: variant of Hannah, which is of Hebrew origin and means “grace”.
  • Lucero: of Latin origin, it means “light”.
  • Lucia: of Latin origin, it means “the one who was born in the light of day.”
  • Luciana: variant of Lucia.
  • Lucie: French variant of Lucia.
  • Lucrecia: feminine variant of Lucrecio, which means “wealth”.
  • Lucy: English version of Lucia.
  • Ludivina: of French origin, it means “friend of the people”.
  • Ludmila: of Slavic origin, it means “loved by the people”.
  • Luisa: of Germanic origin, “famous warrior”.
  • Luján: of Latin origin, Marian invocation of Our Lady of Luján.
  • Lukene: Basque equivalent of Luciana.
  • Lumi: of Finnish origin, it means “snow”.
  • Moon: derives from the Latin “moon”, contraction of “lucina” and means “to shine”, “to illuminate”.
  • Lutxi: Basque equivalent of Lucia.
  • Light: means “the one that brings the light.”

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