Living101 girl names that start with the letter M

101 girl names that start with the letter M

After knowing that we are expecting a baby, one of the first and most important decisions we will have to make is to choose the name that it will carry throughout its life. There are many places where we can draw inspiration, such as nature, literature or a language that we like.

On the other hand, if you have a preference for a particular letter, our series of baby names from A to Z can give you some ideas. Continuing with this special journey through the alphabet, we suggest 101 girl names that begin with the letter M.

  • Maat : name of Egyptian goddess, symbol of truth, justice and cosmic harmony.

  • Mabel : abbreviated form of Maria Isabel

  • Macarena : corresponds to the Marian invocation of Our Lady of Hope, venerated in the basilica of La Macarena in the Sevillian neighborhood of the same name.

  • Maddison : derived from the surname Maud, which means “son of Maud.”

  • Madeleine : French variant of Magdalena.

  • Madonna : of Italian origin, it means “my lady, my wife”.

  • Mae : variant of May, diminutive of Mary, María in English.

  • Mafalda : of Germanic origin, it means “peacemaker”.

  • Magalí : of Provençal origin, it comes from Magaloma, an Occitan form of Magdalena.

  • Magdalena : of Hebrew origin, it means “tower of God”.

  • Magina : comes from the Latin magus “magician”, or from the Latin name magnus , which means “great, exalted”.

  • Magnolia : of French origin, it comes from the flower of the same name.

  • Mahina : means “moon” in Hawaiian

  • Mailén : Mapuche name that means “powerful, noble and intelligent woman”

  • Maite : Basque name, variant of Encarnación. Also hypocoristic of María Teresa.

  • Makawi : of Sioux origin, it means “maiden of the earth”.

  • Makayla : Anglo-American variant of Michaela.

  • Makena : derived from the Irish surname MacCoinnich, which means “son of Coinneach.”

  • Malia : variant of Maria in Hawaiian.

  • Malika : of Arabic origin, it means “queen”.

  • Malva : of Greek origin, it comes from the Greek malache , which means “soft, soft”.

  • Manuela : feminine form of Manuel

  • Mar : name inspired by nature of Latin origin.

  • Mara : from the Hebrew marah , it means “she who is grieved”.

  • Maral : Indian name meaning “swan”.

  • Marcela : of Latin origin, it means “the strong one”.

  • Marcelina : variant of Marcela

  • Marcia : variant of Marcela

  • Marena : of Latin origin, means “of the sea”

  • Maren : Dutch variant of Marena.

  • Margarita : of Greek or Latin origin, it means “pearl”.

  • Margot : Margarita’s French hypocoristic.

  • Mary : of Hebrew origin, it means “beloved of God, lofty, eminent.” It is the most used name in the western world.

  • Mariana : of Latin origin, it means “relative to Mary”.

  • Maribel : contraction of Maria Isabel

  • Mariela : Italian variant of Maria.

  • Marilyn : name composed of Mary and the Irish ending lynn , Linda’s hypocoristic.

  • Marina : of Latin origin, it means “from the sea”.

  • Marisa : contraction of María Luisa.

  • Marisol : contraction of María Soledad or María del Sol.

  • Marlene : contraction of the names Marie and Helene.

  • Marlon : unisex name of Latin origin, derived from Marion, a variant of Maria which in turn comes from the Hebrew Miriam.

  • Marta : of Aramaic origin, it means “lady”.

  • Martina : of Latin origin, feminine form of Martín that means “consecrated to the God Mars”, god of war.

  • Maryam : of Arab origin, variant of Maria.

  • Matea : feminine variant of Mateo, means “the great gift of our Lord”

  • Matilde : of Germanic origin, it means “warrior, strong and courageous”.

  • Maura : of Latin origin, comes from mauros , which means “dark”

  • Maya / Maia : Basque form of Mary and name of Greek origin that means “mother or nurse.” It also means “illusion” in Sanskrit. In the Buddhist tradition, this is the name of the Buddha’s mother.

  • Maylea : of Hawaiian origin, it means “wild flower”.

  • Mayra : of Latin origin, it means “wonderful woman”.

  • Máxima : feminine form of Máximo, derived from the Latin maximus , which means “great”.

  • Maximiliana: name composed of the names Máxima and Emiliana.

  • Maxine : means “the greatest” in French.

  • Medina : of Arab origin, it represents the place where the tomb of Mohamed is located.

  • Medusa : of Greek origin means, “the caretaker”.

  • Meg : Margaret’s English hypocoristic.

  • Meghan : Welsh nickname for the Latin name Margarita, from the Greek Margarites meaning “pearl”.

  • Meja : comes from the Old Norse mäghin , which means “power” or “strength”

  • Melanie : of Greek origin, it means “dark, black”.

  • Melba : of Greek origin, it means “the one that is soft and tender”. English variant of Malva.

  • Melina : of Greek origin, it means “yellow”, “native to the island of Milo”.

  • Melinda : from the Greek meli , which means “honey”, and the feminine ending -inda.

  • Melissa : of Greek origin, it means “bee, honey”.

  • Melita : comes from the Latin name Mellitus , “sweetness, sweet like honey.”

  • Melody : of Greek origin, it means “song”, “harmonious sound”.

  • Mencía : name of Spanish origin, hypocoristic of “Clemencia”, it means “the indulgent” or “the benign”.

  • Mercedes : of Latin origin, it means “liberator”, “the one who liberates”

  • Merced : Mercedes variant.

  • Meryl : variant of the names Muriel and Meriel.

  • Mine : of Hebrew origin, diminutive of Maria.

  • Micaela : comes from Hebrew, it means “God is just.”

  • Michelle : comes from Hebrew and its meaning is “who is like God”.

  • Mila : of Slavic origin, abbreviated form of Ludmila and Miloslava. Also diminutive of Camilla, Kamilla and Milena.

  • Milan : unisex name of Hindu origin, whose meaning is “union”.

  • Milagros : of Latin origin, it means “prodigy, wonderful thing”.

  • Milena : name derived from Mary, of Hebrew origin, “the chosen one”, “the one loved by God”, and Elena from the Greek “torch”.

  • Mina : means “fish” in Sanskrit.

  • Minerva : of mythological origin. The Romans worshiped the deity Minerva as the goddess of wisdom and the arts

  • Miranda : of Latin origin, it means “amazing, surprising”.

  • Mirari : Basque equivalent of Milagros.

  • Mireya : of Latin or Provençal origin, it means “to be amazed, to marvel”.

  • Miriam : variant of Mary with a primitive Hebrew root.

  • Mirna : English form of the Gaelic proper name Muirne, “dear, kind”.

  • Mirta : of Greek origin, whose meaning is “myrtle”, which is the name of a tree linked to love and beauty according to Greek mythology, which is why it was consecrated to the goddess of love, Aphrodite.

  • Mercy : of Latin origin, it means “the one who pities others”.

  • Mysteries : from the Latin misterius , it means “mystery, secret”.

  • Modest : of Latin origin, it means “moderate, measured”.

  • Moira : Irish variant of Mary, “beloved of God, lofty, eminent.” in Greek mythology, the Moiras were the personifications of destiny.

  • Mona : of Irish origin, it means “small and noble”.

  • Monica : of Latin or Greek origin, it means “lonely, who loves solitude.”

  • Monte : diminutive of María del Monte, comes from the Marian invocation of Nuestra Señora del Monte.

  • Montserrat : Catalan name that means “closed mountain”.

  • Montse variant of Montserrat.

  • Morgana : of Celtic origin, feminine of Morgan, means “lady of the sea”.

  • Muna : from the Hebrew muna , which means “desire”.

  • Munia : variant of Muna.

  • Munira : female version of Munir, which in Arabic means “bright” or “resplendent”.

  • Muriel : Norman form of Maria, means “bright as the sea”.

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