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101 unusual baby names for girls with lots of personality

When it comes to choosing the baby’s name, many parents are looking first of all for originality. They are names that are not heard much, but that once you give that name you fall in love at first hearing.

If you are looking for a special name for your baby, we leave you a list with 101 unusual names for girls with a lot of personality that you will love. Start making your favorites list!

  • Abigail : derives from Hebrew and means “source of joy”.
  • Agate : of Greek origin, derived from the Greek “agathê”, its meaning is “kind.”
  • Joy : name of Christian origin, its meaning is “that which radiates joy or happiness”.
  • Alfonsina : Italian feminine form of Alfonso, it means “warrior prepared for combat”.
  • Alondra : means “The one that is melodious”
  • Astrid: means “beauty”.
  • Becca : diminutive of Rebecca, of Hebrew origin. It means “lovely”.
  • Bertina : diminutive of Albertina, name of Germanic origin that means “famous for her nobility”.
  • Bethany or Bethania : of Hebrew origin. It is the name of an ancient village in Palestine.
  • Brenda : name of Germanic origin, commonly used in Iceland that means “sword”.
  • Brisa : name of Latin origin, it is the abbreviated form of Briseida.
  • Bruna : name of Germanic origin, feminine of Bruno. It translates as “brown-skinned”.
  • Cala : name of Arabic origin that means “fortress”.
  • Calixta: variant of Calista.
  • Camellia: inspired by the flower of the same name, its meaning denotes admiration and perfection.
  • Cara: Italian name of Latin origin, it means “dear, beloved”.
  • Cassandra : means “sister of men”. She is one who is a friend of others, kind and with “grace”. In mythology, Cassandra was the sister of Hector and Paris and was gifted with the gift of prophecy.
  • Celeste, del latin ‘heaven’ which means “celestial”.
  • Dakota: derived from the name of the ancient American Indian tribe, the “Dakotas”, which means “friendly”.
  • Damara: of Greek origin, it is the name of an ancient fertility goddess related to the month of May.
  • Delicia: of Latin origin, it means “delight”.
  • Donata: of Italian origin, means “donated”.
  • Dulcinea: Variant of Dulce and name of the love interest of Don Quixote de la Mancha.
  • Electra : means “Gold, bright, yellow amber.” He helped his brother Orestes avenge the death of his father, Agamemnon, at the hands of his mother and her lover.
  • Elicia: of Latin origin, it means “who attracts the rays of the sky”. Jupiter’s nickname in the Roman language.
  • Esmeralda: of Latin origin, it comes from “Smeragda”, which means “beautiful like the precious stone of the same name”, “that which has hope” and “that which radiates purity”.
  • Evelina: French diminutive of Eva, “the one who gives life.”
  • Fabiola: of Latin origin, it comes from “fabiolus”, “the one who grows beans” and from the Roman patrician family “fabios”.
  • Faina: of Greek origin, it means “resplendent, splendid, brilliant”. In the Canary Islands it means “the preferred” and is the queen of the island of Lanzarote and mother of Princess Ico.
  • Farah: of Islamic origin, it means “joy”, “joviality”.
  • Fausta: of Latin origin, it means “the happy one, the lucky one”.
  • Federica: of German origin. Federico feminine form, meaning “prince of peace”.
  • Happiness: of Latin origin, it means what its name indicates, “happiness, luck.” Goddess carrying the horn of plenty.
  • Fiona: of Celtic origin, it means “white, immaculate”.
  • Frida: of German origin, it means “that gives peace”.
  • Gadea : name of Basque origin that means “good, kind”.
  • Galilee : refers to the city of Galilee, north of Israel. Its origin is Italian.
  • Genoveva : name of Welsh origin with two possible etymologies. It can come from the Celtic, whose meaning would be “woman weaver of crowns”, or from the Germanic one and would mean “woman of noble lineage”.
  • Greta: means “pearl”.
  • Halia: of Hawaiian origin, it means “memory of a loved one”.
  • Havana: English version of the Cuban capital.
  • Heidi: diminutive of Adelheid, which means “of noble birth”.
  • India: derives from the Sanskrit “indus”, a river of great flow.
  • Ingrid: of Scandinavian origin, it means “beautiful”.
  • Island : name of Scottish origin, which means “queen of the Hebrides”.
  • Jacinta : of Greek origin, it means “flower”, “hyacinth”.
  • Jasmine : of Arabic origin, its meaning is “beautiful like the flower that bears its name”.
  • Jorgelina : variant of Jorja, female variant of Jorge.
  • Justina : variant of Justa.
  • Kaira: of Scandinavian origin, it means “peaceful”.
  • Karma: of Hindu origin, it means “destiny, spiritual force”.
  • Leona: inspired by the name of the animal.
  • Larisa: is a satellite of Neptune, whose name comes from Larisa, Argive heroine and lover of Poseidon, god of the seas.
  • Libertad: of Spanish origin, it means “freedom”.
  • Lorenza: name of Latin origin that means “of Laurento”.
  • Moon: derives from the Latin “moon”, contraction of “lucina” and means “to shine”, “to illuminate”.
  • Madonna : of Italian origin, it means “my lady, my wife”.
  • Mafalda : of Germanic origin, it means “peacemaker”.
  • Malika : of Arabic origin, it means “queen”.
  • Máxima : feminine form of Máximo, derived from the Latin maximus , which means “great”.
  • Minerva : of mythological origin. The Romans worshiped the deity Minerva as the goddess of wisdom and the arts.
  • Morgana : of Celtic origin, feminine of Morgan, means “lady of the sea”.
  • Nika: of Russian origin, it means ‘belonging to God, born on Sunday’.
  • Nirvana: of Sanskrit origin, it is the Buddhist voice that expresses the state that is reached through meditation and enlightenment.
  • Ophelia: is a satellite of Uranus, named after Apollonius’ daughter in “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare.
  • Olympia / Olympia: the Greeks called Olympia to the place where they held their competitions, it is believed that it comes from ‘ lamp ‘, to shine.
  • Ornella: of Italian origin, it means “ash tree in bloom”.
  • Pamela : name of Greek origin that means “very sweet”.
  • Penelope : name of Greek origin whose literal meaning is “the weaver”.
  • Pía : name of Latin origin, feminine variant of Pío. Its meaning is “very devout”.
  • Quiana: of Hawaiian origin, variant of Kiana or Diana, name of the Roman goddess of hunting.
  • Ricarda: feminine form of Ricardo, which is of Germanic origin and means “mighty and strong warrior”.
  • Rihanna: of Arabic origin, it means “basil”.
  • Rita: short form of Margarita, which means “pearl”.
  • Sabina: of Latin origin, it means “from the country of the Sabines”. The abduction of the Sabine women is one of the most famous episodes of the origin of Rome.
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  • Salma: of Arab origin, probably comes from salima, “to be safe”.
  • Samantha: of Hebrew origin, it means “the one who listens”.
  • Sergia: of Latin origin, it is the feminine form of Sergio, which means “guardian”.
  • Shakira: of Arabic origin, it means “grateful”.
  • Simona: of Hebrew origin, it means “God has heard”.
  • Tadea : name of Aramaic origin, feminine variant of Thaddeus. It means “brave heart”.
  • Taciana : name of Latin origin, feminine variant of Tacio. It translates as “belonging to Taci’s family”.
  • Talía : name of Greek origin that means “the one that flourishes”.
  • Tamara : name of Hebrew origin, feminine variant of Tamar.
  • Tea : abbreviation of Dorotea in Italian, means “the one granted by God”.
  • Telma : It has different meanings according to its origin. If it is attributed a Germanic origin it means “helmet”. If it is attributed a Greek origin it means “will”. If it is attributed a Latin origin, it refers to the patron saint of sailors, San Pedro González Telmo.
  • Tesira : name of Greek origin, feminine variant of Theseus. It means “the founder.”
  • Titiana : name of Latin origin that means “defender”.
  • Umay : of Turkish origin, it means “hope”.
  • Úrsula : of Latin origin, it means “bear”.
  • Uxía: Galician variant of Eugenia.
  • Valkyrie: of Scandinavian origin, it means “connoisseur of the mysteries of victory”.
  • Venus: in Roman mythology, she was the goddess of beauty and love.
  • Violet: of Latin origin, it refers to the color violet.
  • Wanda : of Slavic origin, it means “warrior”.
  • Xiana: Juliana in Galician, means ‘belonging to the Julio family’, ‘with strong and perennial roots’.
  • Yamal: of Arabic origin, it means “beauty”.
  • Zafira: of Arabic origin, it means “to be successful”.
  • Zara: of Hebrew origin, it means “princess”.
  • Zoe / Zoey: of Greek origin, it means “life”.
  • Zuri: of Swahili origin, it means “good, beautiful”

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