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11 baby bathtubs that take up the minimum space and will solve you if you have a small bathroom

When we become parents we witness how our home is flooded with baby things in a matter of weeks . If we also live in a small house or apartment, generally we must reorganize a large part of the environments to make room, and one of them is the bathroom. For those cases we bring you a selection of very practical bathtubs that are ideal for small spaces.

Stokke Flexi Bath Folding Bathtub

It is one of the most famous products of the brand and it is also one of my favorites. It is a bathtub with a compact folding system that facilitates its transport and saves space that can be used from birth to 4 years. It is very light and has a heat-sensitive drain plug for easy emptying.

STOKKE - Bañera Plegable Stokke ® Flexi Bath blanco/aqua

STOKKE – Stokke ® Flexi Bath Folding Bathtub white / aqua

Today on Amazon for € 43.00
Retail price in El Corte Inglés € 43.00

Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath

It is designed to keep even the smallest babies upright. It includes a padded, non-slip backrest, an integrated support that keeps babies safe in the water and a handle that doubles as a storage hook, taking up less space.

Munchkin Bañera Para Bebé Sit and Soak, Soporte Integrado y Respaldo de Espuma Almohadillado, 0-12 meses, color blanco

Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath, Integrated Support and Padded Foam Back, 0-12 Months, White

Today on Amazon for € 34.99

Shantala Baby Bath by Doomoo Basics

It is a bathtub designed for newborns, since in theory its shape is familiar to them and makes it easier to expel gases. It is ergonomic and practical, since it also relieves the back of the parents by adapting the height of the bathtub. Its compact shape allows you to limit the use of water and keep it warm for longer.

Doomoo Basics - Bañera para bebé Shantala Mint ergonómica de 0 a 6 meses con bordes altos para baño como en vientre de mamá, para mantener el calor del agua, 1 unidad

Doomoo Basics Ergonomic Shantala Mint Baby Bathtub 0-6 Months with High Rims for Bathing Like Mom’s Womb, Keeping Water Warm, 1pc

Today on Amazon for € 42.88

Skip Hop Moby Bathtub

It is a versatile bathtub that grows with the baby thanks to the 3-level system. The sling locks into 2 ergonomic positions: a high one for full body support and a lower one for seat support. This fits into a padded seat that helps babies learn to sit. It includes a double layer net and comfortable edges that keep it completely safe.

Skip Hop Moby - Bañera, color azul

Skip Hop Moby Bathtub, Blue

Today on Amazon for € 49.99

Nuby Dr. Talbot’s Bathtub

This compact bathtub has a foam backrest and a built-in seat that ensures baby comfort, while the removable silicone plug and non-slip handles make life easier for parents.

Nuby Dr. Talbot's - Bañera para bebés con respaldo de espuma - 0-12m

Nuby Dr. Talbot’s Foam Back Baby Bathtub – 0-12m

Today on Amazon for € 44.99

Evolutionary Inflatable Travel Bathtub Babymoov Aqua blue

This evolving bathtub has an integrated movable inflatable lounger that can be used from birth and as the baby grows. It’s very easy to store and transport, and includes an air check valve to prevent deflation and a bottom drain / drain plug.

Bañera de Viaje Hinchable Evolutiva Babymoov Aqua azul

Evolutionary Inflatable Travel Bathtub Babymoov Aqua blue

RRP at El Corte Inglés € 34.99

Evolutionary bathtub with Saro relax hammock

It is a comfortable and compact bathtub. During the first months you can bathe the baby in a resting position thanks to its relaxing hammock , which can then be removed when it can sit alone. It has non-slip stops at the base for total safety and a suction cup at the base of the hammock to keep it fixed to the bathtub.

Bañera evolutiva con hamaca"relax" Saro

Evolutionary bath with hammock “relax” Saro

Today on Amazon for € 50.91

Homcom Folding Baby Bathtub

This bathtub has a crocodile design, includes a bath cushion so you can bathe your newborn baby and has enough space to do so comfortably. The 2 feet of the bathtub have non-slip pads on the bottom to provide added stability and safety during bathing, and can be folded down to save space when not in use .

HOMCOM Bañera Plegable para Bebé Recién Nacido hasta 3 Años 50 Litros con Cojín Cómodo y Patas Plegables Carga 50 kg 80x53,9x20,8 cm Verde

HOMCOM Folding Bathtub for Newborn Baby up to 3 Years 50 Liters with Comfortable Cushion and Folding Legs Load 50 kg 80×53.9×20.8 cm Green

Today on Amazon for € 37.99

Onda Baby Okbaby Bathtub

It is a one-piece designed bathtub, specifically created to support newborn babies, although it adapts smoothly as the baby grows . It fits perfectly inside walk-in showers and small bathrooms, and you can even take it on a trip.

Includes quick drain plug, angled back support to cradle your baby and built-in support for correct positioning, easy-to-read microencapsulated liquid crystal thermometer and water level indicator to make sure baby is safe in the bathtub.

OKBABY 38925535 Bañera Onda Baby - Base antideslizante, con termómetro digital de cristal líquido incorporado - Soporte trasero en ángulo - Se adapta al inerior de la bañera o la ducha - Azul Claro

OKBABY 38925535 Onda Baby Bathtub – Non-slip base, with built-in liquid crystal digital thermometer – Angled back bracket – Fits inside the bathtub or shower – Light Blue

Today on Amazon for € 22.50

Babify Aqua Plus Folding Baby Bath

Includes a non-slip grip reduction cushion with comfortable support for the baby’s head and neck . It folds up easily and stores in three easy steps and a temperature sensor: the drain changes color when the water reaches 37ºC. The insulated bottom keeps the water hot.

Babify Bañera Bebé Plegable con Cojín Reductor Aqua Plus - De 0 a 8 años

Babify Folding Baby Bathtub with Reducing Cushion Aqua Plus – From 0 to 8 years

Today on Amazon for € 56.99

Onda Baby Prenatal Bathtub

It is an ergonomic, light, compact bathtub, easy to move and store. It has an inguinal point of support , a non-slip base for greater stability on the support surface, a built-in micro-encapsulated liquid crystal digital thermometer, an indicator of the maximum recommended water level and a cap for quick emptying. Its price is 19.99 euros.

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Image | Stokke

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