Living113 Latvian girl and boy names for your baby

113 Latvian girl and boy names for your baby

Although Spanish undoubtedly has thousands of names that are beautiful in both sound and meaning, many families choose to resort to names in other languages, such as French, Italian, Russian, Japanese or German, to name a few.

But in addition to these languages, which are some of the most popular, there are others that also provide beautiful names. One of them is the Latvian language , which is one of the two Baltic languages that are considered the most archaic Indo-European languages spoken today.

Many of these names have their origin in Old German and Russian, so some are variants of popular names in these languages. So if you are looking for an original and different name, we have selected some of the most frequent (and beautiful) Latvian names for boys and girls.

Girl’s names

Adeline: triumph.

Aija: rock, cradle.

Always: vista.


Alise: Latvian variant of Alicia.

Alvine: Latvian form of Alvina.

Amalija / Amelija: valentía, vigor.

Anete: Latvian variant of Ana.




Ausma: dawn.

Austra: in Latvia, it is the name of the goddess of dawn.

Baiba: Latvian diminutive of Barbara.


Daina: sing, dance. Name of traditional Latvian music.

Darta: Latvian form of Dorotea.

Dzintra: amber.


Edit: Edith variant.

Elina: Latvian form of Elena.



Emilija: Latvian form of Amelia.



Gaida: wait.

gunta: fire

Ieva: cluster cherry or alder cherry.

Ilga: longing, yearning.

Ilona: Elena’s variant.


Imanta: milagro, regalo.



Indra: Latvian feminine form Enrique.

Inese: Latvian form of Ines.


Irena: Latvian form of Irene.


Iveta: Latvian form of Ivette.

Jana: Latvian form of Joan.



Katrina: Latvian form of Catherine.


Lasmas: bright.

Lavize: Latvian variant of Luisa.

Liene: Latvian diminutive of Elena.

Ligitta: Midsummer ‘s Eve.

Lilija: Latvian form of Lilia.

Lina: short form of nouns ending in -lina, such as Karlina.

Lucija: Latvian variant of Lucia.



Marcrack: Latvian form of Margaret.

Marija: variant of Maria.

Milda: friendly.

Minna: short form of Wilhelmina.




Parsla: snowflake.

Rashma: fertility.

Sarma: frost.

Selga: deep sea.

Silvija: Latvian form of Silvia.

Trine: Short for Katrina.

Velta: gift, present.

Vera: faith, belief.




boy names

Adams: Latvian variant of Adán.

Agris: beginning, beginning or early.


Aivars: variant of Igor.

Andrejs: Latvian variant of Andrew, derived from ancient Greek.

Andris: variant de Andrejs.

Ansis: Latvian adaptation of the German Hans , which comes from Johannes (John).

Antons: derived from the Latin Antonius (Anthony).

Arnis: Latvian variant of Arnold.

Artis: Latvian variant of Arturo.

Brencis: form corta de Laubrencis , variant of the Latin Laurentius (Lorenzo).

Davis: Latvian variant of David.

Edvins: variante letona de Edwin.


Emils: Latvian variant of Emilio.

Evalds: ruler of the law.


Guntis: fire.

Girts: variant varona de Gerardo.

Henriks: Latvian form of Henry.

Hermanis: variant of German.

Ivars: Latvian variant of Igor.

Ivo: variant of Ivars.

Janis: Latvian variant of John.

Juris: Jorge’s Latvian form.

Kaspars: Latvian variant of Gaspar.

Laimonis: happiness.

Martins: Latvian form of Martin.

Matiss: Latvian variant of Matthias and Matthew.

Mikelis: Latvian form of Michael.

Modris: vigilante, alerta.

Niks: Latvian form of Nicholas.

Oto: treasure, wealth.

Peteris: form letona de Pedro.


Ricards: variant of Ricardo.

Toms: Latvian variant of Thomas.

General : variant alrich Ulrich (gobernante).

Valdis: rule.

Zanis: Latvian variant of John.

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