Living141 German girl and boy names for your baby

141 German girl and boy names for your baby

When it comes time to choose the name of our babies, sometimes we look for inspiration in places such as literature or nature, or we could also consider choosing one in another language to give it a unique and special touch.

German names have very characteristic sounds and although they are in another language very different from Spanish, many of them are easy to pronounce and write. We share 141 German girl and boy names for your baby.

German names for girl

  • Ada: diminutive of Adelaide or Adelaide, meaning “noble”.
  • Adelaide / Adelaide: means “noble”.
  • Adeline: means “noble”.
  • Agna: German variant of Agnes, meaning “pure.”
  • Alda: means “prosperous”.
  • Alviria: German variant of Elvira, which means “clear, white”.
  • Amalia: from the German root amal , which means “work”.
  • Amelina: Old German variant of Amelia, meaning “work.”
  • Angela: means “angel”.
  • Angelika: German form of Angelica, variant of Angela.
  • Anke: German variant of Agnes.
  • Annelise: Old German name composed of Anna (“grace”) and Lise (diminutive of Elizabeth, which means “consecrated to God”).
  • Anja: German variant of Ana.
  • Astrid: means “beauty”.
  • Beatrisa: German variant of Beatrice, which means “blessed.”
  • Bernadette: means “strong as a bear”.
  • Bertha: means “brilliant, glorious”.
  • Bertilde: variant of Bertha.
  • Bettina: German diminutive of Elizabeth.
  • Brigitta: means “strength”.
  • Brunhilde / Brunhilda: means “dark maiden of battle”.
  • Christa: German form of Cristina.
  • Christiane: German variant of Cristina.
  • Constance: German variant of Constance, which means “constant”.
  • Eda: means “rich, happy”.
  • Edelina: comes from athal-win : “noble lineage” and “triumph”.
  • Edelmira: means “of distinguished nobility”.
  • Editha: German variant of Edith, comes from ed , “wealth” and gyth , “combat”
  • Elba: comes from elf and alb , it means “elf, duende”.
  • Elke: diminutivo de Adelaide.
  • Elske: German diminutive of Elizabeth.
  • Emma: means “universal”.
  • Erika: means “eternal, rich, powerful”.
  • Evi: German variant of Eva, which means “life”.
  • Freda / Frieda / Frida: means “that gives peace”.
  • Friederike / Federica: feminine variant of Friedrich / Federico, meaning “prince of peace”.
  • Gertrud: German variant of Gertrudis, meaning “force of a spear.”
  • Gitta: variant of Brigitta.
  • Greta: means “pearl”.
  • Gretchen: means “pearl”.
  • Griselda: means “gray battle”.
  • Hanna: German variant of Hannah, meaning “grace.”
  • Hannelore: means “God is my light”.
  • Hedwig: means “war”.
  • Heidi: diminutive of Adelheid, which means “of noble birth”.
  • Heike: German female variant of Heinrich .
  • Helga: means “blessed”.
  • Hermelinda: means “great shield”.
  • Hilda: means “woman of battle”.
  • Hildegarde: means “comrade in arms”.
  • Hilma: means “protective helmet”.
  • Ida: means “hard-working, industrious”.
  • Ilsa: German variant of Elizabeth.
  • Ilse: German diminutive of Elizabeth.
  • Imelda: means “great battle”.
  • Imiza: diminutive of the German name Irmentrude , which means “universal force”.
  • Irma: means “universal, complete”.
  • Isa: means “strong-willed”.
  • Karla: German female variant of Carlos.
  • Katharina: German variant of Catalina.
  • Kathrin: German variant of Catalina.
  • Konstanze: German variant of Constance.
  • Kristin: German variant of Cristina.
  • Lauralei: means “seductive”.
  • Liesel: German variant of Lisa and Elizabeth.
  • Magda: German variant of Magdalena.
  • Odetta: means “wealth”.
  • Otilia: means “prosperous in battle”.
  • Raina: German variant of Regina, meaning “queen”
  • Selma: means “pious helmet”.
  • Silke: German variant of Cecilia, meaning “blind”
  • Vanda: German variant of Wanda, meaning “wandering, nomadic.”
  • Walda: means “wonderful woman”
  • Wilhelmine: feminine form of William (Guillermo).
  • Winnifreda: from Old German wini , “friend” and fridu , “protection” or “peace.”

German names for boy

  • Adal: means “noble”.
  • Adolfo: means “wolf, noble”.
  • Albert: means “noble, brilliant”.
  • Alfons: means “prepared for battle”.
  • Anton: German variant of Antonio, meaning “brave.”
  • Armin: means “soldier”.
  • Arno: means “eagle”.
  • Axel: means “universal fighter”.
  • Benno: means “bear”.
  • Bernardo: comes from berin-hard , which means “strong bear, strong warrior like a bear”.
  • Berthold: means “bright force”.
  • Bertram: means “brilliant”.
  • Brant: means “sword”.
  • Braun: means “brown”.
  • Bruno: means “brown”.
  • Carl: German variant of Carlos, meaning “free man.”
  • Carsten: Christian variant German.
  • Christoph: German variant of Cristofer.
  • Conrad: means “brave advice”.
  • Dedrick: Variant of Derek, meaning “ruler of the people.”
  • Dominik: German variant of Dominico, meaning “of God.”
  • Edel: means “noble”.
  • Ernst: German variant of Ernesto.
  • Faber: German variant of Fabian.
  • Fabian: means “broad bean, grain of wheat”.
  • Ferdinand: means “audacious traveler”.
  • Franz: German variant of Francisco.
  • Fred: diminutive of the German Frederick.
  • Frederick: of German origin, it means “peaceful ruler”.
  • Friedrich: means “prince of peace”.
  • Fritz: means “peaceful ruler”.
  • Gunther: means “battle warrior”.
  • Haines: means “country house”.
  • Hans: short for Johannes, which means “God is merciful.”
  • Harman: comes from the German heri , “army” and man , “man”.
  • Heinrich: comes from haimerich or hiemrick , which means “powerful house”, “owner of the house”
  • Helmut: means “brave protector”.
  • Hermann: means “soldier, warrior”.
  • Hildefonso: means “prepared for battle”.
  • Hugo: means “mind, intellect”.
  • Immanuel: variant of Emmanuel.
  • Johan: German variant of Juan.
  • Joss: derives from the old German Josse , means “champion”.
  • Karl: German variant of Carlos.
  • Klaus: German short form of Nicolas.
  • Konrad: means “brave advice”.
  • Kurt: means “courteous”.
  • Leopold: means “brave people”.
  • Ludwig: means “famous warrior”.
  • Lukas: German variant of Lucas.
  • Markus: German form of Marcos, meaning “warlike.”
  • Mathis: German variant of Mateo, which means “gift of God”.
  • Moritz: German variant of Mauritius, meaning “dark-skinned.”
  • Otto: means “wealthy”.
  • Poldi: German diminutive of Leopoldo.
  • Rocco: means “rest”.
  • Roderick: means “famous ruler”.
  • Roland: means “famous in all the earth”.
  • Rudolf: means “famous or glorious warrior”.
  • Sigmund: means “victorious protection”.
  • Strom: means “current”.
  • Vincens: German variant of Vicente.
  • Wagner: means “wagon maker.”
  • Waldo: diminutive of various German male names. It means “to rule.”
  • Walter: means “ruler of the army”.
  • Wolfgang: means “traveling wolf”.

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