EntertainmentMovies & TV20 years of "Knight's Destiny", a postmodern medieval tale

20 years of "Knight's Destiny", a postmodern medieval tale

Australian Heath Ledger had already triumphed in the teenage love comedy 10 Reasons to Hate You and in the historical drama The Patriot, being the son of Mel Gibson in fiction. But Fate as a knight was a leading role in which he was the main center of a cast that also featured Paul Bettany, now known as colorful being called Vision. At its premiere, it was criticized and labeled as “simple” and “corny” as a product exclusively aimed at teenage fans of the youth idol Heath Ledger. However, the medieval story that enhances the figure of the hero who reaches what he wants to be from a humble poor family is a pop piece that mixes totally anachronistic visual and sound elements. As well as Baz Luhrmann’s cinema with Moulin Rogue, Romeo and Juliet or The Great Gatsby, Brian Helgeland’s Destiny of a Knight plays with pop music and elements of Rock for the setting of this postmodern tale of knights and princesses. The opening sequence with the audience banging and clapping on the We Will Rock You theme is a clear statement of the film’s aesthetic intentions, which also contains a dance by the protagonist on the Bowie theme, Golden Years. Production trivia Director Brian Helgelan He threatened to leave the project if the studio did not hire Paul Bettany, and there was no role left available. Lucky for fans of this story as Helgelan got what he wanted by expressly creating for Bettany the role of one of the most charismatic roles in the film, Geoffrey Chaucer. The team of companions Will wants to be a knight with – An aerial shot of medieval London includes a kind of archaic London Eye.It looks incredible but it is not made by computer, it is a real model that cost around half a million dollars. Fortunately, the $ 41 million film grossed $ 117.5 million worldwide, filming in Prague, and all the extras featured are homeless people from the region. The one who did not appear in the final edit was actress Olivia Williams, who played Chaucer’s wife. These scenes can be seen on the special edition of the DVD.

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