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25 names for dogs inspired by classic mythology

Classical mythology has always fascinated and will fascinate us with its surprising stories starring gods, goddesses, magnificent creatures, heroes and characters who embodied human passions, values and miseries. We know that they are that, legends used by primitives (before what is considered the development of Humanity and reasoning) to explain reality, what was happening around them, atmospheric phenomena, the passing of the seasons … However Both the imaginative and fantastic of the stories themselves and the moral teachings that can be drawn from them attract us like a magnet. In fact, classical mythology was used by the Greeks and Romans themselves to convey the best values of Western society and later the scholars of the Middle Ages and intellectuals of the Enlightenment did the same.

Although less known in these parts, Norse mythology is made up of legends and adventures as entertaining as those starring the Greco-Latin deities. Gods like Odin, Thor, Loki and goddesses like Freyja, Iduna and Frigga starred in stories that came to give, on most occasions, the explanation of the world, more specifically of good and evil.

Even more ignored in the West is Japanese mythology , in which there are meteorological gods, gods of the stars, of waters and mountains, domestic and wild gods and gods of roads and fire. It is in the Kojiki book where the oldest Japanese myths are collected.

Fascinating right? Well, at this point, we suggest you baptize your dog with a name worthy of a god or a goddess (the god of the house does not deserve less!). Ares for a strong dog, Athena for a very clever bitch, Icarus for a brave but slightly unconscious dog and Nut for an important furry dog. Don’t they seem ideal?

We help you with this titanic task by proposing 25 names for dogs and dogs inspired by Greco-Roman, Norse, Egyptian and Japanese mythology. We assure you that there will not be another dog in the park with the same name as yours.

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