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3 disgusting things that are a delicacy for your dog


Reasons why a dog eats things off the ground

  • Exploration: It is normal for dogs to explore everything within their reach, especially when they are puppies. This behavior in his first months of walks is very normal. But you shouldn’t worry too much because it’s going to happen, even if you don’t do anything. A puppy needs to investigate sensations with his mouth and entertain himself. As well as chewing on new things and finding out if they might be edible. But if you look closely, it’s very likely that he just picks and breaks them, without eating more than a few pieces by accident. Unless, you love the taste and consider it something edible.
  • Need to bite: Many adolescent dogs need to bite everything. Especially those breeds that have been selected for their biting abilities. Adolescence in the dog is a period of maximum exploration, and precisely what we call the destructive period. Preventing him from chewing everything he finds on the floor is really easy to treat by providing our dog with appropriate snacks and chewable toys, which satisfy his natural need to chew.
  • Physical discomfort: Dogs may sometimes ingest certain materials, usually plants, to relieve stomach pain or discomfort. For example, if they feel hungry.
  • Emotional discomfort: just like people, many dogs gobble because of anxiety. This problem usually has stress and anxiety behind it. Insufficient physical exercise, little mental work or other factors in which we can intervene, can lead to an eating behavior disorder known as pica. Pica behavior occurs when the dog eats things that are not food for long periods of time.

Risks associated with this behavior

  • Digestive problems: it is clear that eating things that are not food can cause endless digestive disorders. From indigestion to intoxication, or even a serious obstruction that requires surgical intervention.
  • Biting the owner: for dogs, a resource is the one that is closest. When a dog takes something and we are going to take it away from him, he could even defend it until he bites us if we do not respect what is his. It is common for dog guardians to want to immediately remove the things that their dog grabs from the ground, to avoid greater evils. Due to this impetus, the dog could defend its property with signs of threat and aggressiveness until it bites us.
  • Fights with other dogs: For the same reason as above, a dog that believes it possesses an object that is close to it could defend it. If we have given the “junk” on the floor an added value as a result of trying to take it away numerous times, the stress levels in the presence of the “treasure” and another nearby dog that shows interest, can reach a high level and produce a fight between both.

3 disgusting things that our dogs taste good

  1. Excrement from other animals: certain excrement from other animals is a delicacy for our dogs. Among them human excrement. Dogs smell human poop like delicious food and won’t hesitate for a second to gobble it up when they find it. The same happens with other animals such as cat poop , rich in protein or rabbit, donkey, cow, etc.
  2. His own vomit: how many times has your dog vomited and then eaten it back? It looks disgusting, but it is really their food somewhat more digested. Dogs usually vomit when they eat so fast that they get stuffed.
  3. Used tissues after blowing our nose: Dogs love tissues. The famous clínex. For one thing, they make a funny noise when torn, exactly like toilet paper, and if not, tell scottex’s dog! Therefore, it is very common for your dog to shred the paper, every time it falls into his jaws. But beware, if it comes with snot, the object to destroy becomes a delicacy. The amino acids and proteins contained in mucus seem to be very popular with dogs. For this reason your dog can also lick a spit off the ground. Disgusting right?

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