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3 mistakes you make with your dog's diet

There are many causes that cause errors in the diet that each individual requires, being anthropomorphism , trusting supposed experts , and falling into the presumed whims of the animal, the main causes of mistakes.

1. Anthropomorphism

Anthropomorphism is defined as giving attribution of human form or qualities to what is not human , especially to divinities, animals or things.

It is clear that a dog is not a human being… although many people maintain this absurd misunderstanding as a global system of relationship with their dog.

Among the mantras of anthropomorphism we have:

Homemade diets are better than commercial ones.

A homemade diet… can it be more complete, adequate, than a commercial diet?

Without a doubt, YES.

A homemade diet… is it usually more complete than a commercial diet?

Without a doubt, NO.

It is evident that, if we spend the money on a TRUE specialist in animal nutrition , if after the complete assessment of the individual and his routines he gives us a specific diet, if we follow that diet to the letter … without our unnecessary contributions, and if we administer the established daily amount, neither more nor less… then, and only then is it possible that a homemade diet can be “better” than a commercial diet.

As reality tells us that all the aforementioned points are practically NEVER fulfilled, let us decide on a high-end diet, the best that our economy can assume.

By the way, a homemade diet will ALWAYS be more expensive than a commercial diet… and it will not be more reliable for that (let’s remember all, ALL, the points to be fulfilled)

Commercial foods provide unnecessary ingredients and/or of dubious quality.

This is another of the absurd mantras that can be heard in parks, read on social networks… and it is absolutely FALSE.

Currently, apart from an exclusively LEGISLATIVE issue, animal food must meet strict hygienic-sanitary conditions, conditions that put pet food at the same level of health and safety as human food.

On the other hand, making it clear that the quality of our companions’ food is such that it could be eaten by their humans without any problem, let’s focus on the presumably unnecessary ingredients: the ingredients most punished in recent times are CEREALS .

Almost all food companies have fallen into the demonization of cereals, of “grains” (although they are convinced of their excellent nutritional contributions), for this reason it is easy to see the indicative “Grain free” on the sacks of food, an unnecessary and commercial submission to an unnecessary “anti-grain fad”

The only problem with cereals is that they have to be perfectly “cooked” for the proper use of the nutrients they provide, nutrients such as Carbohydrates , ESSENTIAL in the feeding of our home canids.

The dog is a carnivore , and it is not a strict carnivore like the cat, and this does not mean that it has to eat mainly MEAT, but rather PROTEIN in an adequate percentage.

Let us think that wolves, the precursors of our canids, feed mainly on hunting herbivores, specimens that they ingest starting with their viscera, and that within them there are a large quantity of cereals, cereals and plants perfectly “cooked” by the juices gastric.

2. Expert assumptions

The human being is capable of issuing recommendations on anything… even matters on which he does not have the slightest knowledge… for a human, everything is debatable.

The only professional qualified to give advice on feeding your dog is a veterinarian , and even more appropriate if that professional has a specialization and greater practice in animal nutrition.

Anything that deviates from this premise is putting the health of our “alleged” best friends at risk.

You don’t play with food.

3. Animal whims

Here we will not spend much time: the dog is not born capricious… BECOMES capricious “thanks” to his/her human companion(s)…

The animal has to get used to eating the food that its human, with the collaboration of the professional, has chosen… PERIOD!!

Any action, addition, pecking… is the open door to problems, to that 80% of cases that go to veterinary clinics.

Prizes, snacks… should NEVER exceed 10% of the daily diet…

How many know this fact?

How many take it into account?

The food must be offered for a maximum of 10 minutes; If in that time he does not eat his stipulated amount of food, the food is withdrawn and no more food is offered until his next feeding, in which we will act exactly the same as we have commented for the first feeding.


We weren’t going to spend a lot of time at this point.

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