EntertainmentMovies & TV4 series that HBO Spain premieres in June

4 series that HBO Spain premieres in June

We premiere the month of June and the streaming platforms begin to announce the new movies and series. HBO Spain premieres new episodes of the series Rick and Morty, Why women kill, Betty and Generation. It will also offer films such as Rainy Day in New York, directed by Woody Allen, and a couple of documentary productions. We are going to talk about these three interesting series. BettyBettyHBO Spain premieres on Saturday June 12 the second season of the series Betty, a fiction based on the movie Skate Kitchen. The protagonists of the story will have to face the challenges of adulthood in the time of the pandemic. Check out the six new episodes that take place between late summer and early fall 2020 in New York. Why women kill Why women kill HBO Spain premieres on June 4 the second season of this series starring a housewife from the sixties, a high society woman from the eighties and a lawyer from 2018. Three women from different times that deal with infidelities in their marriages. The series explains with different stories how the role of women has changed and yet how their reactions to infidelity or betrayal do not change. GenerationGenerationThe series premieres on Thursday, June 17, the second season of this series focused on a group of young students exploring their sexuality. The protagonists of the series put to the test the opinions and conventions of a conservative community. In the next eight half-hour episodes you will be able to see the relationships between the characters in this youth series.Ricky and Morty Rick and Morty also opens on June 21, the fifth season of this well-known animated production will arrive on TNT and HBO Spain. The ten new episodes present the adventures of Rick, Morty and the rest of their family who will find themselves in chaotic, comical and unpredictable situations. Fans of this series will once again enjoy robots, spaceships and quirky characters, such as a water man. The Walking DeadOther seriesFinally we remind you that PJ Masks (season 2, June 1), The Walking Dead (second part of season 10, June 4), We are bears (season 1, June 4) are also coming to HBO Spain , Gen 10 Special (June 11), Dave (Season 2, June 17), Hey Duggee (June 18), Mighty Magieswords (June 18), Adventure Time: Far Lands (Obsidian Special Chapter, June 25) June), Meet Me in Paris (June 25) and Power Players (Season 2, June 26).

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