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Do you want to play 'The Squid Game' in Spain? Requirements and how to sign up

‘The Squid Game’ has become in just a few weeks since its premiere in the most watched series in Netflix history. A great global phenomenon that has captured more than 130 million viewers around the world. Now 300 people will have the “pleasure” to face the six tests of ‘The Squid Game’ in Spain .

A company from Vigo is going to recreate the series in great detail. There will be a financial prize and the participants will be divided into players and vigilantes. Of course, the players who lose will be eliminated, although not by shooting, but with paintball paint .

The company behind this initiative is Humor Amarillo Vigo, directed by the brothers Luis and Ricardo Terón. Luis Terrón has explained to ‘Libre Mercado’ that when they saw the series they both thought they could set up something similar in the Monte de Alba park in the Galician city .

They already have the structure created, so you just have to adapt the format and the games . The Spanish version of ‘The Squid Game’ will be held on October 29, 30 and 31 and November 1.

How will ‘The Squid Games’ be organized by Humor Amarillo Vigo?

There will be a total of 300 participants who will have to overcome the same games in the series: English hide and seek, tug of war, cut out Dalgona cookies, marbles, the glass bridge (it will be an unstable six meter high wooden bridge with a cushioned fall by an elastic net) and the squid game, which has been converted into a classic game in Spain: hopscotch .

Those who do not pass the tests, in the same way as in fiction, will be eliminated, although in this case with paintball paint bullets . The winner of the individual games will take 1,000 euros and the finalists in the group games 2,000 euros to exchange in the activities organized by the company.

What are the requirements to attend?

To be able to play ‘The Squid Game’ you must be at least 16 years old . Registration has a cost of 22 euros. Participants will receive a numbered t-shirt, a vest, gloves and a protective mask. The ideal is to go with a green tracksuit, as in the series.

To sign up, you have to contact the Yellow Humor company through WhatsApp . All the information is on their website.

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