Living43 Irish girl and boy names for your baby

43 Irish girl and boy names for your baby

Today, March 17, Saint Patrick is celebrated to commemorate the death of Saint Patrick, a Christian missionary and patron saint of Ireland, a date that is being celebrated in more and more countries. The streets are dyed green, everyone dresses in this color, they dress up as leprechauns or wear the famous clover symbol.

Irish names have a very special personality, so if you are looking for a name for your baby we leave you some Irish names for girls and boys that we have found adorable for your little elves. Be inspired by Irish culture.

Curiosities about Irish names

According to Irish tradition, the eldest son is named after his paternal grandfather, the second son the name of his maternal grandfather and the third the same as his father and the fourth, the name of the father’s elder brother.

In the case of girls, the eldest daughter is named after the maternal grandmother, the second after her paternal grandmother, the third has the same name as her mother, and the fourth is named after the mother’s older sister.

Although this custom is no longer strictly followed, it is common for the first children to bear the name of a relative.

And another curiosity is that Saint Patrick was not actually an Irishman named Patrick (Patrick). The patron saint of Ireland was born Maewyn Succat and was actually British.

Irish girl names

  • Adara : means “beauty”
  • Aíne : means “glory, splendor”
  • Alana or Alannah : means “girl”
  • Alona : means “dear girl”
  • Amy: means: “beloved”
  • Anna: variant of the Hebrew name Channah, which means “grace” or “favor”.
  • Arlene: means “promise”
  • Brianna: means daughter of the nobility, girl of the nobility, princess, noble, strong.
  • Caitlin: variant of Catalina
  • Cara: means “friend”
  • Ciara: means “brunette”. Variants Kiara, Kiera, Kyra, Keera
  • Deidre : means “melancholic”
  • Enya: means “little fire”
  • Erin: modified form of the goddess Éire who inhabited and gave Ireland its name
  • Fiona: means “white”
  • Maire or Moira : Irish variant of Mary, means “beloved of God, lofty, eminent”
  • Nessa : means “ambitious”
  • Nora: means “honor”
  • Sinéad: means Juana
  • Tara or Teamhair : it is the most legendary hill in Ireland.

Irish boy names

  • Aidan: means “fire”
  • Brendan: means “prince”
  • Brian : means “noble, royal, tall, strong”
  • Callum: means “dove”
  • Cyan: means “legendary”
  • Cillian : was the name of an Irish saint who is the patron saint of various Irish towns
  • Colin: can mean cub or little bear
  • Conan: means “little warrior”
  • Connor: comes from the Irish ‘Conchúr’, which is diminutive of ‘Conchubhar’ which means ‘dog lover’
  • Cormac : means “pure son”
  • Darren: means “little oak”
  • Declan: means “full of goodness”
  • Dugan: means “black, dark, brown skin”
  • Finbar : means “of blond hair”
  • Kevin : means nice, kind, noble
  • Liam : Biblical name, variant of Guillermo, means “strong protector”
  • Lorcan : means “brave little one”
  • Oscar : means “friend of the deer”
  • Rowan : means little redhead
  • Rory : means “red haired king”
  • Ronan : means “little seal”
  • Ryan : means little king
  • Sullivan : means “little dark-eyed”

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