Fun5 movies that are trending on Netflix for a...

5 movies that are trending on Netflix for a home theater plan

Without a doubt, one of the best plans to relax and enjoy the weekend is to stay at home watching a movie on Netflix . On the platform there are several films that are having great success, of different genres and for all tastes.


An American movie that has recently arrived on Netflix, and has already become one of the most viewed of the week. 100% recommended for you if you like thriller and intrigue. The protagonist is Joe Bayler, an operator of the 911 emergency center. After receiving a phone call, he tries to save a woman from serious danger .


A science fiction film from 2003 that we advise you to see if you like catastrophe and end of the world movies. After several events around the world, it is discovered that the Earth has stopped rotating . To find a solution, Doctor Josh Keyes, accompanied by the best scientists, travel to the center of the Earth in an underground vehicle. A very dangerous mission to detonate a nuclear device.

We were songs

A Spanish romantic comedy that is having a huge hit on Netflix. Maca works as an assistant to a tyrant wedding influencer. Together with his two friends, Adriana and Jimena, he enjoys a life in which he believes that anything is possible. Until she is reunited with Leo, her great love, and also a mistake .

Is there someone in your house

A horror movie from 2021 that is receiving very good ratings from viewers. Several students graduating from the Osborne Institute see each other’s darkest secret brought to light by a mysterious murderer . It is the adaptation of the homonymous novel by Stephanie Perkins.

Infiltrators in Miami

And finally, ‘The Departed Miami’, an action-comedy film perfect for the weekend. Ben works as a security guard and tries to prove to Detective James that he is a match for Angela, the policeman’s sister. When the police academy accepts Ben, James knows that the only way to find out if he really is a good man to his sister is to take him on patrol with him .

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