Fun5 Netflix suspense series that will leave you glued...

5 Netflix suspense series that will leave you glued to your seat

There may be no greater satisfaction than ending a season or television series that provides an exciting conclusion to a great accumulated mystery. Therefore, if you have decided that this weekend you want to see a good series that keeps you speculating theories all the time or that takes you to watch episode after episode, nothing like watching one of these 5 Netflix suspense series that will leave you stuck to the seat.

5 Netflix suspense series that will leave you glued to your seat

On the famous streaming platform we can find countless mystery series and perhaps the most popular currently is its recent premiere Hit & Run , starring Lior Raz as a married man named Segev whose wife Dani dies in a hit and run that turns out not to be a random accident. Over the course of nine episodes, Segev discovers more and more details about Dani’s past and the mysterious relationships she had before marrying him. With the help of an old girlfriend, Naomi, Lior travels from Israel to New York to find out why his wife was murdered.

A series that has become one of the most viewed on Netflix and that you can take advantage of to enjoy this weekend, but in case you’ve already seen it and want to discover similar ones, don’t miss out on these suspense series by Netflix that we now recommend to you.

Behind your eyes

Series of six episodes that Netflix premiered last February and that was also one of the most viewed on the platform during the spring. In it we learn the story of Louise (Simona Brown) a single mother who meets her new boss, David (Tom Bateman), in a bar and kisses him . When it comes to their first day of work, they are both completely embarrassed and shocked to see each other, and Louise is even more surprised to learn that David is married. The young woman continues an affair with David, but at the same time establishes an uneasy secret friendship with his wife, Adele (Eve Hewson) , who seems to appear by chance wherever Louise is. Throughout the series, we are never sure if David is a terrible and controlling husband, if Adele is an innocent young woman, or if she is an incarnation of evil. All we know is that Louise is a pawn in Adele’s game. In the end we learn that Adele has a special ability, which we will not spoil, which explains everything.

The mess you leave

Spanish series starring Inma Cuesta and based on the homonymous novel by Carlos Montero. It consists of only 8 episodes in which Cuesta plays a young high school teacher who will soon be immersed in the mystery of the death of the teacher whom she replaces . A mystery series full of surprising twists and the odd scene in which you’ll really stay glued to the couch.


Broadchurch ran for three seasons, and for many viewers it was the introduction to the genius of Olivia Colman (now on The Crown). The first season, which is undoubtedly the best of the three, centers on the murder of a young man named Danny Latimer in the town of Broadchurch. The local police officer , Detective Miller (Colman), receives and becomes the partner of Detective Inspector Hardy (played by David Tennant), who comes to live in town to investigate the case. While Hardy manages to upset most people, Miller, who is a beloved character in town and a close friend of the dead boy’s family, must deal with the fact that there are secrets being kept and a righteous murderer. right under your nose . The end is a punch in the face and will leave you with your mouth open.

The Stranger

Harlan Coben is a master of mystery and the author has a deal with Netflix to turn 14 of his works into TV series or movies. The Stranger is one of the best. This 8-episode British miniseries is based on a man named Adam Price (Richard Armitage) and his seemingly normal family.

When a strange woman in a baseball cap shows up one day to tell Adam that his wife Corinne faked her last pregnancy and miscarriage, it just starts a situation that will end up throwing an entire community into chaos . The “stranger” the title alludes to will continue to appear and reveal secrets about others in town , making everyone wonder who this stranger is and why she is doing this.

The Valhalla Murders

In the first episode of The Valhalla Murders (out of a total of 8), two men are killed and their eyelids are brutally slashed . At the end of the episode, we see an anonymous person cleaning a bloody knife next to a class photo of the two murder victims, eyes crossed out, ominously foreshadowing that there are more people in that photo who are going to die . Local police detective Kata (Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir) is tasked with solving the mystery and uncovering how the deaths are linked. The investigation leads Kata and her partner to a state-run children’s institution called Valhalla, a place that connects all murder victims , and the series, which is based on a real serial killer in Iceland , concludes by tying them all up. the loose ends, keeping the adrenaline rushing to the end.

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