Fun6 movies that are trending on Netflix to watch...

6 movies that are trending on Netflix to watch this Sunday

If this Sunday you want to rest and disconnect from the routine, you can watch some of the movies that are trending on Netflix . There are tapes of different genres, so you will surely find one that suits your tastes: thriller, drama, comedy …


‘Kate’ has arrived this week on Netflix, and has already become the most popular film in Spain . The protagonist is Kate, a criminal who, after being poisoned without success in Tokyo, has less than 24 hours to find out to kill her.

The party from beyond

An American fantasy comedy that is perfect for family viewing. Victoria Justice is a very sociable young woman who dies during the week of her birthday. Luckily, he has a second chance to fix all the mistakes he made on Earth . The young woman can connect with her loved ones to show that she is worthy of entering the VIP room of heaven.

Hunting prey

One of the trending movies on Netflix that thriller lovers are enjoying the most. An excursion to the forest turns into a desperate fight for survival for five friends , who are on the run from a mysterious and dangerous sniper.

Someone like him

Padgett is a young influencer who suffers a humiliating deception when the video of her boyfriend cheating on her goes viral . She tries to save her reputation by assuring in a bet that she is capable of turning Cameron, an antisocial and disheveled young man, into someone totally different. But everything gets complicated when Padget begins to fall in love with him.

Winter bay

A Swedish film with very good opinions from Netflix users. Elisabeth and John-John, despite living in the same city, inhabit completely different worlds . Can a passionate love be strong enough to break down cultural and social barriers?

In time

And finally, ‘In time’. Set in a future society, the discovery of a formula against the aging of the population brings with it the transformation of time into currency . While the rich can live forever, the rest have to negotiate every minute of their lives. Will, a young workman, after getting a large amount of time, is hunted by the time keepers. In his flight, he takes hostage Syfred, a young woman from a wealthy family.

Which of the movies on Netflix are you staying with to watch this Sunday?

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