Fun7 facts about butterflies that you did not know...

7 facts about butterflies that you did not know and will leave you amazed

Butterflies are beautiful insects of various colors. We see them on the field and they excite us. But perhaps you do not know everything about them, and we want to discover the curious facts about butterflies that you did not know.

They are within the insects known as homometabolos, and they are also anthropods, due to their different physical characteristics.

They eat liquids

What do butterflies eat? Well, from the liquids of the plants, with their kind of tongue they absorb the nectar of the flowers and the internal water of the plants. And with it they live mainly.

What are its legs like?

If you can ever get a close look at a butterfly, they will fixate on the wings because they attract a lot of attention. But you should also look at the legs that serve various things, such as taste receptors.

Did you know they don’t have lungs?

Other facts that you may not know about butterflies is that they do not have lungs. So how do they breathe? They do it through spiracles, holes through which oxygen enters.

In some countries, they are eaten

Although it seems strange to us, butterflies are eaten in certain countries, in the same way that happens with other insects, although in our culture it is not yet common. For example, we see this practice in Mexico, while in other countries, chrysalis are also often taken.

The mystery of butterfly wings

They are of different colors, fascinating, striped, with mixtures of them … although it is true that they hide some mysteries. Well, even though you knew it, the wings are made up of hundreds of scales.

And these scales are of a very small size that makes them overlap one another like the tiles of a roof. Some have been able to have between 200 and 600 scales per square millimeter .

Many species

Apparently, there are many species of butterflies, and for this reason it is nothing less than the second animal with the most species in the world, since there are calculated about 150,000 and 200,000 different species.

Turtle tears

There are more curiosities of these so numerous insects. It is said that those butterflies that live in the Amazon often drink the tears of turtles. Curious, right? This is because there is sodium in the tears and these insects are attracted to them, although as we have specified they feed on liquids and plants, but if the butterflies are not attentive, the turtles can attack them.

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