Living79 Christmas-inspired girl and boy names for your baby

79 Christmas-inspired girl and boy names for your baby

Christmas is a time of hope and joy that inspires many parents when choosing a name for their baby, whether they are Christian or not.

Whether your baby is born on these special dates, or because you want to give it a name related to this Christian holiday, we give you some ideas of Christmas names for babies with their origin and meaning: 79 names for girls and boys inspired by Christmas .

Christmas-inspired boy names

  • Alfredo : there are those who affirm that its meaning is ‘advised by elves’ and refers to the Christmas elves who work making gifts.
  • Angel : comes from the Latin angelus , which means “messenger”.
  • Angelo : Italian variant of Angel.
  • Baltasar : of Assyrian origin. It is the name of one of the three Wise Men.
  • Claus : is the nickname given to Saint Nicholas, and it means “victory of the peoples”.
  • Cristian : of Greek origin, it means “Man who follows Christ” or Christian.
  • Cristiano : variant of Cristian, it means “follower of Christ” .
  • Christ : the term literally means ‘anointed’, relating to the act of impregnating with scented and consecrated oil that is performed sacramentally.
  • David : of Hebrew origin, it means “the beloved and dear” or “the chosen one of God”.
  • Doroteo : name of Greek origin that means, “gift of God”
  • Epiphanius : derived from Epiphany, the day Jesus manifested himself to the world.
  • Immanuel : of Hebrew origin, it means “the God who is with us”. In the Bible Jesus of Nazareth is named in his original form “Immanuel”.
  • Stephen : Saint Stephen’s Day is celebrated the day after Christmas (December 26) in the Latin Church and on the 27th in the Slavic-Byzantine Churches. On this day Saint Stephen, the first martyr of Christianity, is remembered.
  • Gabriel : the archangel Gabriel appears in ancient paintings, kneeling in front of the Virgin Mary. He is the messenger of the Word of God. It means “God is my strength”, “the strength of God” or “man of God”.
  • Gaspar : of Hebrew origin, it is the name by which one of the three Wise Men mentioned in the Gospel of Saint Matthew is known.
  • Jesus : comes from the Hebrew, from the word Yehosuá, or Yeshua. Its meaning is “Salvation.”
  • José : of Hebrew origin, it is the name of the father of Jesus.
  • Lucio : masculine variant of Lucia, means “the one who brings light”
  • Manuel : of Hebrew origin, its meaning is ‘the God who is with us’.
  • Melchior : of Hebrew origin, it means ‘the king of light’. He is one of the three Kings of the East who came to Bethlehem to bring gifts to the baby Jesus.
  • Natalio : of Latin origin, comes from “natalis” and refers to the birth of Jesus.
  • Nicolás : Saint Nicholas is the character that the Nordic and Anglo-Saxon tradition relates to Santa Claus.
  • Noel : it is a unisex name, it means Christmas in French. Children born on December 25 were traditionally called that.
  • Rodolfo : is the name of Santa’s favorite elf. Its meaning is “He who wins the battle”, “He who seeks glory”.
  • Salvador : comes from the Hebrew Ieixua, which means ‘God saves’ or ‘God is salvation’. The first Christians assumed the name Salvatōre (m) as a translation of Jesus.
  • Silvestre : on December 31, San Silvestre is celebrated, which means “that it comes from a jungle place”.
  • Sukil : Basque name related to the Christmas trunk, sacred in the ancient beliefs of worship to the Sun.
  • Yule : of English origin, it means “winter solstice, born in winter.

Christmas-inspired girl names

  • Adoration : of Latin origin, it evokes the adoration of the wise men of the East to Jesus Christ in Bethlehem.
  • Aitana : Basque name that means “glory”
  • Angela : female version of Angel. It comes from the Latin angelus , which means “messenger”.
  • Angeles : name of Greek origin, variant of Angela, means “messenger”
  • Angelica : means angelic, related to angels.
  • Angelina : diminutive of Angeles and also variant in English.
  • Annunciation : of Latin origin, it means “announcement” and refers to the moment in the life of the Virgin Mary in which an angel announces that she is going to be the mother of Jesus.
  • Bethlehem : of Hebrew origin, it comes from the city of Bethlehem, the city where Jesus Christ was born.
  • Belinda : on December 25, Santa Belinda is celebrated, it means “the attractive one”, “beautiful”.
  • Bianca: of Italian origin, it means “white”.
  • Carol : A ‘Christmas Carol’ is the mythical Christmas novel by Charles Dickens that inspired the film of the same name. It means “Christmas song” or “Christmas carol”.
  • Celeste : comes from “Caelestis”, which means “that comes from heaven”, like Christmas gifts.
  • Cristiana : feminine variant of Cristian, means “follower of Christ”
  • Cristina : feminine variant of Cristian, means “follower of Christ”.
  • Dorotea : name of Greek origin that means, “gift of God”.
  • Edurne: means “snow” in Basque.
  • Elena: of Greek origin, it means “resplendent”.
  • She: of English origin, diminutive of Hellen / Ellen, which means “light”.
  • Incarnation : of Latin origin, it refers to the fact that the son of God assumed human nature in order to save the world.
  • Epiphany : It comes from the Marian invocation of Our Lady of the Epiphany, a name alluding to the Catholic feast of the Epiphany or Adoration of the Magi.
  • Hope : the Virgin of Hope or the Virgin of Sweet Hope is a Marian invocation that is associated with Advent or waiting for the Nativity of Christ.
  • Stela : star variant, alluding to the star of Bethlehem.
  • Star : in allusion to the star of Bethlehem that guided the Magi to the place of the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • Eva: of Hebrew origin, it means “the one who gives life.”
  • Evangelina: of Greek origin, it means “good news”.
  • Evelina: diminutive in French for Eva, “the one who gives life.”
  • Gabriela : female version of Gabriel, the messenger archangel sent by God.
  • Gloria : name of Latin origin, alluding to the glory of God.
  • Jaione: Basque equivalent of Natividad.
  • Lucia : of Latin origin “lux”, its meaning is “She who carries the light”
  • Light : Christmas is a time of light and hope. It means “the one who brings the light.”
  • Manuela : feminine form of Manuel, means “” God is with us “.
  • Mary : name of the mother of Jesus.
  • Miri : diminutive of Miriam, Slavic version of Maria.
  • Miriam: Hebrew version of Mary, name of the mother of Jesus.
  • Merry or Mery : related to the Christmas joy of these times.
  • Natalia : Of Latin origin, it comes from the word natalis and its meaning has to do with the birth of Jesus.
  • Natasha or Natacha : Russian version of Natalia, means born at Christmas.
  • Natalie: French version of Natalia.
  • Nativity : of Latin origin, derived from “nativitas” (birth), commemorating the feast of Christmas.
  • Nazareth : of Hebrew origin, name of the city in which Jesus grew up.
  • Nieves : of Latin origin, it means ‘white as snow’.
  • Noel : it is a unisex name, it means Christmas in French. Children born on December 25 were traditionally called that.
  • Noelia : French variant of the name Natalia or Natividad.
  • Noelle: feminine form of Noel, means “Christmas”.
  • Nicole : feminine variant of Nicolás, means “the victory of the people”.
  • Peace : comes from the Latin “pax” and means tranquility. It is one of the wishes traditionally linked to the Christmas season.
  • Reyes : unisex name allusive to the feast of the Adoration of the Magi.
  • Teba : name of Greek origin that means “glory of God”
  • Virginia : means “pure woman” and comes from the word “Virgin”, a term used to refer to the mother of Jesus.
  • Zuri: Basque name, means “white”.

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