Living79 modern and original boy names

79 modern and original boy names

The choice of the baby’s name makes us especially excited during pregnancy. We have to like it for its meaning or for its sound, it has to combine with surnames and above all, it has to convey something special to us. A name is for life, so start making your list.

If you are expecting a boy and you are looking for a modern and original name, take a look at our proposals. Some of the selected names have become fashionable especially in recent years, even setting trends, but others stand out for being little heard. Which one do you prefer?

  • Adal : name of German origin, it means “sweet and noble”.
  • Adam : name of Hebrew origin, it is the English version of Adam who, according to the Bible, was the first man created by God.
  • Álex : name of Greek origin, variant of Alexander. It means “protector of men.” In recent years it has gained great popularity since it can be used as a proper name, and not as a diminutive of Alejandro.
  • Amaro : This name is considered a variant of Mauritius, has Latin origin and means “man from Mauritania”.
  • Andrea : used for both masculine and feminine, it means “man, vital force”.
  • Archie : name of origin is Germanic which means “bold, brave”.
  • Axel : name of Scandinavian, Danish or German origin, and means “universal fighter”.
  • Asher : name of Hebrew origin, it means “happy, blessed”.
  • Basil : derived from the Greek name Basileios, means “king”.
  • Biel : is a name of Hebrew origin, and means “servant of God”, “man of God” or “strength of the lord”.
  • Bran : is a diminutive of the name Brandon, a name of English origin that means “hill covered with bushes”. However, in Celtic culture it is the name of the god of the underworld, who is represented by a raven.
  • Bruno : name of Germanic origin that comes from meaning “dark”.
  • Ciro : name of Persian origin, it means “young”. It was the name of several Kings of Persia.
  • Dáire : name of Irish origin, it means “fruitful, fertile”.
  • Dante : name of Latin origin, it means “The one who is resistant”.
  • Darío : name of Persian origin that means “powerful”. In recent years, this name has gained great popularity.
  • Daryl : since the series ‘The Walking Dead’ was released in 2010, the name of one of his most beloved characters has been one of the most repeated in the lists of the most popular. Name of English origin, it could have two meanings: “made with love” or “from Ariel” (city of Israel).
  • Dylan : Five years ago it was hardly heard and has been climbing positions rapidly. This name of Welsh origin means “sea”.
  • Einar : name derived from Old Norse Einarr, which means “a single warrior.”
  • Elián : of Greek origin, it refers to Helios, the sun god.
  • Enzo : name of Italian origin, it means “the lord of his home or country”. It was hardly known a few years ago, but today it is creeping into the list of the most popular.
  • Erik : derives from the name Eiríkr, which comes from the first generation Old Norse. Its meaning is “sole ruler”.
  • Ezra : name of Hebrew origin that means “help”.
  • Fionn : name of Irish origin, means “fair, white”.
  • Gael : name of Breton origin, it means “generosity, generous gentleman”.
  • Goran : name of Norwegian origin that means “man of the mountain”.
  • Guido : name of Latin origin, means “wood”.
  • Hugo : name of Germanic origin, means “intelligent”, “lucid”, “insightful”. It has gained great popularity in recent years, becoming one of the most used modern names.
  • Ian : of Scottish origin, it means “compassion for Yahweh.” About 10,000 children already bear this name in our country.
  • Igor : name of Scandinavian origin that refers to the god of fertility.
  • Íker : it is a name of Basque origin and, in Basque it means “the one who brings good news”. Very popular in recent years thanks to soccer goalkeeper Iker Casillas.
  • Ilán : name of Hebrew origin, it means “tree”.
  • Ivar : name of Viking origin that means “archer”.
  • Izan – Another name that has gained popularity in recent years. It is the graphic adaptation to the English pronunciation of the biblical name, Ethan, which comes from the Hebrew “Êthän”, which means “perpetual, constant, permanent”.
  • Joel : name of Hebrew origin that means “Yahweh is God”
  • Jordan : name of Hebrew origin that means “the one who descends”. Jordan is also the capital of Guimaras, a province of the Philippines, as well as the name of a river in Western Asia.
  • Kamal : a child’s name of Sanskrit origin that means “lotus flower”.
  • Karim : name of Arabic origin, means “noble, generous”.
  • Kenai : of Native American origin, it means “black bear”. It is the name of a peninsula in Alaska.
  • Kendall : name of English origin and unisex use. Kendall also names two cities in Texas and Illinois, in the United States.
  • Kuno : name of Germanic origin, it means “clan, family”.
  • Luc : French name, means “light”.
  • Luca : it is one of the most popular names for children in Spain and it continues to rise in frequency of choice. There are authors who assure that it comes from the name Lucio, of Latin origin, and would be translated as “light”. But others maintain that its origin is Hebrew and means “hurricane”.
  • Lucas : of uncertain origin, it seems to come from the Hebrew and it would mean “hurricane”, or from the Latin, and it would be translated as “light”. In recent years it has begun to sound strongly among the children of our country
  • Lavi : name of Hebrew origin that means “lion”.
  • Leo : it is by far the most popular boy’s name that has tripled in frequency in the last five years and continues to climb positions in the ranking. It derives from Latin and is a variant of Leon, and refers to the animal of the same name.
  • Lion : name of Latin origin, which in turn comes from ancient Greek, and which refers to the animal of the same name. León is also a Spanish province and city; the name of several cities in various US counties and a municipality / locality in Mexico, Nicaragua, and Argentina.
  • Liam : on the way to surpass 2,500 children with this name in Spain. It comes from Irish and means “firm protection”.
  • Mael : name of Celtic origin that means “prince”.
  • Malik : name of Arabic origin, means “king”.
  • Marc : is the Catalan form of Marcos, and one of the most common names for babies born in Catalonia. However, it is perfect for all those looking for a very short and sonorous name, which is why in recent years it has become one of the favorites for children born throughout the national territory.
  • Marco : this variant of Marcos variant of Marcos comes from Latin and means “hammer” and is related to the god Mars. Before it was not a name especially heard in our country, but in recent years it has gained great popularity.
  • Martín : comes from the Latin form Martis, which means “Mars” or “consecrated to the god Mars”. Until a few years ago it was not common to find it as a name, but in recent times it has become a very popular name.
  • Milan : unisex name of Hindu origin, whose meaning is “union”. Milan is an Italian city in the Lombardy region.
  • Mosi : means “firstborn” in Swahili.
  • Nadir : name of Arabic origin, it means “rare and exceptional”.
  • Neo : Before the year 1999, the release date of the first film in the ‘Matriz’ trilogy, there is no record of this name among Spanish children. Of Tsuana origin and means “gift”.
  • Neymar : name of Portuguese origin that means “the one who comes from the sea”.
  • Nil : the Catalan form of Nile, comes from the Greek ‘Neilos’, which derived in Latin to ‘Nilus’, referring to the name of the great African river. It means “life that emanates from God.”
  • Oliver – His popularity has risen by 60 percent in the last five years and the number of children bearing that name continues to grow each year. Of English origin, it derives from the French name Olivier, it means “olive tree” and symbolizes wisdom and peace.
  • Oriel : name of Hebrew origin, it means “my light is God”.
  • Orson : name of Latin origin that means “bear”.
  • Otto : name of Germanic origin, it means “wealth, fortune”.
  • Paris : it is a unisex name, used as a masculine name in some countries and a feminine name in others. It is of Greek origin and its meaning is “strong”. Paris is the capital of France.
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  • Rayan – One of the newer newer names and means “beautiful” in Arabic.
  • Said : name of Arabic origin that means “happy”. Saíd is the name of a port city located in Egypt.
  • Sasha : he is Alexander’s Russian hypocoristic. It means “protector or victor of men.”
  • Silas : is the Greek abbreviated form of Silvanus, the Roman god of forests and fields.
  • Taranis : name of Celtic origin that refers to one of the main gods of this mythology, known as “the thunderous” for his power over thunder, light and the sky.
  • Taylor : name of English origin and unisex use, meaning “tailor”. Taylor also refers to a city in the state of Texas, in the United States.
  • Teo or Theo : short form of Teodoro, which means “gift of God”.
  • Thiago : this recent name is creeping into the most popular. Of Hebrew origin, it is a variant of Santiago, which means “the one who changes.”
  • Umi : name of native American origin, means “life”.
  • Urko : name of Basque origin that refers to a mountain with the same name in Guipúzcoa and Vizcaya.
  • Van : short for “Ivan”, which in turn is the Russian form of “Juan” and means “God is merciful.”
  • Viggo : name of Viking origin that means “battle”, “war”
  • Yael : of Hebrew origin, it means “mountain goat”.
  • Yonatan : original Hebrew form of Jonathan, meaning “God has given”
  • Zaid : of Arabic origin, it means “abundance”.
  • Zyan : unisex name used for both girls and boys, which means “beautiful”, although the meaning of “unique” is also attributed to it.

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