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A boy catches a rare all-white catfish with pink highlights

Experts aren’t sure if the specimen has albinism or leucism , but what is clear is that it is an all-white catfish with pink and purple highlights. A striking specimen that the 15-year-old Edwards Tarumianz caught on June 28.

Catfish are usually brown with dark spots, but this blue catfish was completely white with bright pink and purple around the fins and face, which could be the result of albinism or leucism.

Albinism refers to the pigment being absent in the skin and hair and we have seen it often among various animals, including humans. Leucism, which is also a genetic condition, reduces pigmentation, leaving the animal pale or with patches of reduced coloration.

The images have been posted on the social network Facebook and have caused a furor: ” You can fish catfish all your life and never catch, or even see, another fish like this. I have been fishing catfish seriously for 30 years, guiding for 17 of those, and this is the first albino to come on my boat,” said Captain Richard Simms, who was the guide for that day’s catch.

However, biologists with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) told Field and Stream that they cannot determine what exact genetic condition the fish has. Animals with leucism may have mostly typical but lighter coloration patterns .

Be that as it may, “we all agree it’s a great and rare catch ,” a TWRA spokesperson told Field and Stream which released the snapshots of the specimen.

Referencia: Field and Stream / Facebook

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