FunA Galician driver loses 17 driving license points in...

A Galician driver loses 17 driving license points in a single day

There are times when reality is stranger than fiction, and the story of a Galician driver who has lost 17 driving license points in a single day is the best proof of this. This is a 41-day-old resident of Carballo (La Coruña) who was denounced by the Local Police of the municipality on five occasions for different crimes at dawn on May 8, when the State of Alarm was still in force in Spain, according to The newspaper ‘La Voz de Galicia’ reports the driver, identified as Daniel DT, could lose his driving license for between one and four years. He has to pay a fine of 550 euros and, in addition, the judge could impose new punishments for a crime against road safety. Carballo’s neighbor was intercepted by local police agents with his car parked and the engine running at 3: 30 hours in the morning. Although now nothing would happen because of this, on May 8 it would, since the State of Alarm was in force in Spain and, therefore, there was a curfew. The agents asked him why he was skipping the time restriction, and Daniel DT replied that he was returning home after having a few drinks with some friends in Malpica, a nearby town, and that was when the agents fined him for skipping touchdown. remains and they warned him that if he was driving under the influence of alcohol they would have to do a check-up. He didn’t want to get a new ticket, so he decided to get out of the car and walk home. He did so staggering due to the influence of alcohol. Shortly afterwards the agents saw him in the car just as he was leaving the parking lot where he was. They tried to prevent him with light signals, but he missed all the signs, so a chase began for Carballo.The neighbor fled driving in the opposite direction, and even skipped a STOP and invaded the opposite lane. To avoid a possible tragic accident, the Local Police agents let him go, although they noted the license plate. The next day they called him by phone to appear at the police station and give him the corresponding fines. The sum of the different infractions has made this Galician driver lose 17 points on his driving license: not wearing a seat belt, invading the lane and drive in the opposite direction, skip the curfew and skip a STOP.

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