Red, yellow and green: What is the origin of this traffic light signaling?

Traffic lights are the most well-known and universal road sign that exists, but what is the origin and meaning of their original colors?

V16 emergency light: When is it mandatory, price and how to use it?

All the information about what the V16 light is, and from what date the DGT will impose its mandatory use on the road.

The DGT clarifies the biggest doubt that drivers have in summer

One of the doubts of drivers in summer has to do with the type of footwear when driving but the DGT has wanted to clarify it.

How often do you have to stop to rest if you drive this summer 2021?

This summer 2021 we will travel by car more than ever. We must be clear that fatigue is an enemy for driving and the road

The director of the DGT warns of the dangers on the road this summer

The DGT director warns of the increase in traffic accidents and alerts of the main road hazards.

DGT V-16 light: Homologation and where to buy it

The V-16 Light has already entered into force in our country. In the year 2026 it will definitely replace the emergency triangles of our car.

When can you overtake in pohibido?

Overtaking is one of the most dangerous maneuvers when driving. The DGT notices some exceptions to do so in prohibited areas.

Careful! The DGT can fine you for eating or drinking while driving

This is the fine contemplated by the DGT for eating or drinking while driving. It is something that is prohibited and, therefore, is subject to sanction.


Workers filming Alec Baldwin's film denounced the lack of security that day

Workers filming Alec Baldwin's film denounced the lack of security that day

Heike Makatsch investigates in the "crime scene"

In her third case, Heike Makatsch, as "Tatort" commissioner Berlinger, has to do with a blind law student and a decadent young couple. But it is also about the single investigator herself.

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Queen Elizabeth II is now 95 years old. Recently, there have always been concerns about her health. Now she spent one night in the hospital.

Haiti: a religious organization denounces the kidnapping of 17 missionaries, five of them minors

A religious organization denounces that a group of 17 missionaries, including five minors, has been kidnapped in Haiti