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A mother pumps milk for her seven-month-old baby while running a triathlon

Jaime Sloane is a 34-year-old Air Force sergeant who gave birth to her second baby seven months ago. A few days ago she participated in an Ironman 70.3 (also known as a half ironman) in Tempe, Arizona, a medium distance triathlon race for which she prepared hard in the last months after being a mother.

She had already taken the swim test and the bike test, and was planning on stopping at the next change to express her milk quietly, but seeing that it had been a long time and was about to break her personal best, she decided to go ahead and express her milk. right there while running .

Using his hand pump and a towel, Jaime expressed breast milk . He filled the bottle, put it in his camelback (a small backpack) and continued running the 13 miles he had left to finish the race. She ran with a full bottle the entire tour as there are very strict policies on giving or receiving items from a spectator.

The mother finished the race with a personal record of six hours and 12 minutes, a success that she did not expect.

She has trained hard in recent weeks with a two-year-old girl and a newborn to take care of alone (her husband was away for several weeks), and also recently returned to work as a military man.

It has been tough, but Jaime wants to show with his experience that people can do whatever they want .

“Anything is possible. I think it’s great that there are other people who have seen this and have been encouraged not only to do triathlons, but to continue the breastfeeding journey or whatever journey they are on,” she told People. .

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