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A mother's hilarious viral thread about the parent-teacher debate over children's school lunch

In addition to the emotion contained before the first day of school for our little ones, the beginning of the school year also brings with it fun and almost surreal moments between the parents of the students (the WhatsApp groups of the school go a long way), and between parents and teachers.

A good example of this is the viral thread shared on Twitter by a mother, in which she narrates the curious and hilarious meeting between the parents of three-year-old students and their teacher where they discuss school lunches.

Reality surpasses fiction

I confess that I couldn’t stop laughing as I read this mother’s messages because, as surreal as it may seem, I have experienced similar situations with my children .

And it is that with three children in different courses and academic levels and 20 “back to school” behind me, there are many anecdotal conversations that I have had around mid-morning lunch, the type of backpack that children have to carry, homework, school supplies, end-of-course costume…

But judging by the response to the Twitter thread, I’m not the only mother who claims to have been through a similar situation:

Leaving aside the fun of the moment, it seems to me in a certain way normal that parents of children who start school for the first time have doubts; especially if they are first timers.

With the first child, any “first time” is extremely special and we experience it with a mix of excitement, joy, fear, uncertainty and doubt. But if there is a unique moment above any other, I would dare to say that it is the beginning of school.

I understand that for teachers, our children are just another student. But for parents it is an extremely complex moment (especially if they have not previously attended nursery school), and knowing everything that happens in the classroom is reassuring.

That said, it is true that some questions may result from common sense, but there are as many realities as there are families!

School lunches or freedom of choice?

Now, if we focus on the topic of debate, school lunches, we see on Twitter that opinions are divided.

On the one hand, there are parents who believe that it is good and necessary that the school establishes some eating guidelines for mid-morning lunches, in order to avoid conflicts and comparisons between students, as well as to help children in the acquisition of good eating habits.

But on the other hand, there are many families who maintain that this decision should be personal , and allow each parent to decide what their child has for lunch.

Personally, I don’t think it’s a bad idea for the school to offer some guidelines for children’s lunches, not so much to avoid comparisons between what one carries and another (because when they go out to the park in the afternoon they will experience that situation), but as support for families and one more aspect on which to educate .

Thus, for example, on the day that it is dairy, you can take advantage of the moment to talk to the children about milk and its derivatives, its nutritional properties, foods that contain calcium… You can also talk to them about allergies to dairy proteins. milk, a very common allergy among children (perhaps they even have a classmate with this condition) and with which we should all be aware.

Likewise, by having recommendations for specific food groups, some of these school menus prevent (at least in part) children from consuming processed foods, saturated fats and sweets, instead encouraging the consumption of fruits, dairy products and cereals.

Finally, I think that these types of menus can also be useful to guide families when preparing the children’s lunch , thus avoiding monotony due to lack of ideas.

In any case, I think the school lunch guide should be just that, a guide. That is to say, a series of recommendations that make it easier for families to feed their children , but in no case an imposition.

And you, do you also have a school lunch menu? What do you think of the idea? Have you felt identified with the viral thread?

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