Back to school

At what age can children go to school alone and how to prepare them?

With the return to school and the beginning of the course, we realize that our children are no longer so young, and they face a new school year that until "two days" was far away.

A mother's hilarious viral thread about the parent-teacher debate over children's school lunch

In addition to the emotion contained before the first day of school for our little ones, the beginning of the school year also brings with it fun and almost surreal moments between the parents of the students (the WhatsApp groups of the school go a long way), and between parents and teachers.

These are the nine phrases with which I reassure my son on his first day of school

Back to school is here! After a long vacation period, children return to the classroom, and to a greater or lesser extent they may be nervous, hesitant or uneasy about the situation.

Six things you can do for your child this school year that will last a lifetime

The new year has begun, and apart from the children enjoying school and developing as people, parents also want our children to learn.

To the mother who leaves her child at school with a lump in her throat: calm down, in a few days everything will be...

Going back to school is not the same for all children, as there are some who enjoy the moment and meet again with classmates and teachers, while for others they are complicated days that require time, understanding and support.

Back to school for WhatsApp groups: peace is over

Surely this summer you have missed those frequent message notices to comment on everything (everything: school and extracurricular) in the school WhatsApp group. Or maybe they have continued to sound? Has it happened like in the back to school ads, which appear every time before? Is the phone already ringing again with messages about the books, cases and miscellaneous material that children have to bring their first day of school? Perhaps the themes are more diverse?

Family conciliation problems become this year the main cause of stress for Spanish parents

If the search for reconciliation between family and work life has always been one of the main concerns of parents, this school year the problem has multiplied. And it is that the COVID pandemic has completely changed our lives, affecting us in different areas of our day to day, work being one of them.

Transmitting confidence and acting with common sense and without stress: the emotional keys of an expert for going back to school

Little by little Spanish children are returning to the classroom, and this year it is impossible not to feel doubts and even some fear about the health situation we are experiencing. Not surprisingly, many parents are considering not taking their children to school for the moment, and others will do so wrapped in uncertainty and fear.


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