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A mother's talk with her son about anger that has gone viral

Social networks sometimes reveal moments that work perfectly as mirrors in which to reflect. This time it was thanks to Destiny Bennett, a 29-year-old mother who shared on her Tik Tok profile a recording made by her home security camera, in which she observed a conversation she had with her son, in a moment in which the boy was very angry.

In the video it is seen how the mother, in a state of total calm that she manifests through her tones of voice and her gestures (despite being, as she manifests, totally overwhelmed), speaks to her son. What is most striking is that it is at their level so that the child can fully identify their expression, because many times our non-verbal language says more than our words , and if they see us in a calm state, for them it is easier to change your mood and “copy” ours.


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“I love you. Do you know how much Mommy loves you? I can see how angry you are and I want you to feel better. Sometimes getting the things we want is what makes us feel good, but sometimes we just can’t do it. Okay to be angry, but then we have to be able to let go and understand that we are not going to get what we want and we have to find another way to make our body feel better. I love you. “

A lot of people will come to me and tell me I have a lot of patience ,” Bennett said of his poise at the time in an interview for Today. “But that’s not always the case. I still have my moments where I lose her and I have to go back to my kids and apologize and let them know that I’m having a bad day too .”

The discussion was generated by some Lego pieces that he must share with his brothers. “He is a very emotional child and sometimes logic just goes out the window, ” said the mother. He started stomping and growling and I tried to practice all the techniques to calm him down, asking my son if he wanted me to hug him, if he wanted to meditate or if he wanted to go to the corner of calm, but nothing worked , until they had this conversation and he managed to the child will leave behind his frustration.

Without a doubt, it is a video that shows us once again that children tend to react in a very good way when we are empathetic, when we normalize talking about our emotions, when we do not underestimate their problems and when instead of throwing ourselves into their ground getting angry and yelling at them, We try to bring them to ours, because that is how we all win.

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