Positive Parenting

The 10 Big Mistakes Parents Make When Trying to Apply Positive Parenting to Their Children

Positive Discipline is an educational model that is gaining more and more popularity among families who want to educate their children in a respectful way, without yelling or punishment. There are hundreds of articles on positive parenting that we can find on the Internet and social networks, and some include tips and tools to apply it in our day to day.

Scolding your child in public damages their self-esteem; talk to him in private

Surely you have ever witnessed a situation like this, or you have reproduced it yourself: scolding children in public, in front of others. And don't feel bad if you've ever done it, we're human.

Praise and compliments: how can they help or hurt our children's development?

It is a reality: children need to feel loved and validated in order to build a healthy and strong self-esteem, as well as a solid and adequate self-concept (that is, the image they form of themselves). And we achieve this in part thanks to positive reinforcement during parenting.

Respectful parenting should also be with mothers: we are not perfect and we should not blame ourselves for it

Respectful parenting has been for me the source of answers to all the questions that began to arise once I became a mother. Attachment, parenting respecting children's times and trying to understand their emotions showed me the way forward to play that fundamental role that parents play in the lives of our children.

Power struggles with children: why we should not take conflicts with children personally

Temper tantrums, childhood frustrations and challenge of limits are situations that parents often face when educating our children. They are part of their development and learning, and it is our job to guide and teach them in a respectful way.

Why we shouldn't classify children's behaviors as good or bad (and the consequences of doing so)

Can you imagine being told that reality can only be black or white? Or that your performance at a dance can only be great or disastrous? That you can only be happy or sad? What would you think? Probably, that this is a simplistic view of reality, and that there are a thousand nuances beyond these statements.

11 Common Mistakes We Parents Make When Our Children Are Having a Tantrum

Children can burst into tantrums when we least expect it, especially when they are young and their ability to verbalize what they feel is still reduced.

Do you reward your children for the grades they have taken? We tell you why it is not a good idea

In a few days our children will be officially on vacation. Gone are the early mornings and the afternoons of homework and study, which have been especially intense in recent weeks due to the closing of the course.


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