LivingTravelA review of Macau's city of dreams

A review of Macau's city of dreams

It’s fair to say that the battle for the best casino in Macau comes down to The Venetian Macau vs City of Dreams Macau.

Macau’s city of dreams is one of a new generation of casino mega resorts in the city and with its 24-hour entertainment, high-end hotels and gourmet restaurants, it aims to be a destination for tourists looking to relax as well as gamers. . .

If you’re looking for a Las Vegas-style resort in Macau, Macau’s City of Dreams is a bit fancier than the faux cobblestones and gondoliers of Venice across the road. In addition to unparalleled dining and lodging options, 42,000 square feet of gaming floor also means there’s more than enough action to keep you and your wallet happy.


  • The best hotels in the city
  • Gourmet restaurants
  • Elegant design
  • Bright and friendly gaming floors


  • Prices can be high
  • Lack of star shows
  • Bad general entertainment


  • Address: Estrada do Istmo, Cotai, Macao.
  • Transportation: Free bus from Macau Ferry Terminal
  • See prices at the Hard Rock Hotel
  • Opening hours: 24 hours

City of Dreams Macau Review

Caught in a staring contest on the Cotai Strip, the Venetian is the largest casino in the world and practically a copy of its sister Venetian in Las Vegas. Its gondolas, canals, and maze of shops delivered Macau’s first true Las Vegas-style casino resort, stepping away from the hindquarters and black suits that once dominated the Macau casino scene.

The city of dreams Macau aims to be smarter, younger and more modern. If Ocean’s 14 was established in Macau, this is where you would find George Clooney sipping cocktails.

The resort itself has an MTV design, a beautiful mix of airy and artistic interiors, bold lighting, and contemporary furnishings, while accommodation and food are high-end matters. While entertainment, accommodation, and dining are plentiful, they are aimed at a slightly older and more demanding crowd. Everything is aimed directly at couples, groups of boys or girls, and there is relatively little offer for families.

At the commercial end of the City of Dreams, Macau is the casino and gambling hall, and players will not be disappointed. Over 420,000 square feet of games are offered, including 520 tables and 1,350 machines. Well lit and relaxed, it’s an easy place to get comfortable and empty your wallet.

Entertainment found in the casino

The blockbuster entertainment in Macau’s Dream City is House of Dancing Water, an action-packed and unique water-based show at the casino. Part Synchronized Swimming, Part Evil Knievil is an impressive show that has received rave reviews from the audience.

There’s also Dragon’s Treasure, a 10-minute sound and light show popular with kids, as is Kid City inside the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel. There are also a handful of more adult-themed ballroom shows that are largely mediocre.

If you can detach yourself from the tables, you better spend your free time in restaurants. There is little all-you-can-eat free for all the buffets you see in Las Vegas or at the Venetian across the road; The emphasis here is on fine dining. The five ‘signature restaurants’ have a jaw-droppingly elegant style with sleek interiors where dressing is expected, not down. The reward for ironing your shirt and hunting down a tie is truly excellent food, from local Cantonese favorites at Treasure Palace to steaks at Horizons.


The accommodation is also unrivaled. At the Hard Rock Hotel and Crown Towers, the city of dreams Macau is probably home to the two best hotels in Macau, accepted the Mandarin Oriental. Rooms at the Crown Towers are equipped with marble and ottoman baths and are decorated daily with fresh flowers. Firmly in the sheikhs and stockbrokers price category, it’s a fantastic stay, if you can afford it.

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