SportF1A unique Ayrton Senna-themed F1 will be on display...

A unique Ayrton Senna-themed F1 will be on display at Imola

The former McLaren show car has been repainted and transformed as part of an art project called ‘Senna Now’, creating a one-of-a-kind single-seater that will bring fans to tears.

One of the sides of the car is made up of three different iconic designs from the Brazilian driver’s career in Formula 1: Lotus ‘s black and gold livery, Williams’ Rothmans and McLaren ‘s legendary Marlboro.

The other side of the car was left to French street artist Jisbar , who has drawn inspiration from the life and career of the three-time world champion to create designs that are truly special.

This Ayrton Senna-only themed car is the brainchild of renowned Italian fashion designer Matteo Macchiavelli , who closely followed the Brazilian driver’s F1 career when he was younger.

“I spent my childhood following my hero’s careers and magic,” he said. “I was inspired by his lifestyle and his teachings, which are still with me now that I’m older.”

“Thanks to my friend, an acquaintance of the family, Angelo Orsi , I have many photos with Ayrton that today are part of my family book, of my personal history and that are engraved in my memory”.

Ayrton Senna ‘s charisma, his personality, all the challenges he faced and his humanity have given me and many people so much inspiration, that I began to imagine how to create something that could centralize and reflect some of the aspects of the special message that he knew transmit: challenge, creativity and humanity”.

Un coche de F1 con una decoración artística inspirada en Ayrton Senna

The car has been donated by Italian collector Gianluca Tramonti and will go on display at the Ayrton Senna museum at the upcoming Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. And it is also expected to be present at the weekends in Miami and Monaco.

After these exhibitions, the idea of the creators is to auction the car and part of the profits will go to the Ayrton Senna foundation .

In addition to the car, Jisbar will also create a special Senna Now NFT collection that will be minted in three stages during the Formula 1 weekends in Imola, Miami and Monaco.

Un coche de F1 con una decoración artística inspirada en Ayrton Senna

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