FunA university creates the world's first coffee master

A university creates the world's first coffee master

Coffee is the third most consumed beverage in the world, after water and tea. Finland is the first country in the ranking of the largest coffee consumers per capita (12 kilos per year per inhabitant), followed by Norway and Denmark (9.9 and 8.7 kilos, respectively). Now, the University of Florence has created the world’s first coffee master . It is an official program, with a duration of nine months and that will begin in January 2022.

This is the coffee master at the University of Florence

Students will receive 360-degree training on all aspects of coffee: raw material, production, operation of the supply chain … Of course, the master also has a practical part in which students will learn how to grow the coffee plant and how prepare all kinds of drinks.

It is true that there are many institutions that offer different courses of coffee preparation. But that of the University of Florence is the first master that exists on this subject. However, it is a very exclusive program, which can only be accessed by 24 students .

The objective is to transfer one of the main cultural assets of Italy to the new generations. As explained by the course supervisor, Francesco Garbati Pegna, it is a very complete master, which covers all aspects related to coffee, from its origins to the preparation and service of the drink .

This seems to be a booming trend because the University of California Davis Coffee Center has also announced that one of its long-term goals is to design a master’s degree in coffee science .

Coffee curiosities

Following this news, it is worth knowing some of the curiosities of coffee :

  • Types of coffee: there are four species of coffee beans that are differentiated by the origin of the crop and the aroma characteristics: Arabica, Robusta, Liberian and Exalted.
  • Italy: the country with the most coffee shops is none other than Italy. It has nothing more and nothing less than 100,000 establishments.
  • First Coffee Shop – The world’s first coffee shop opened in London in 1652.
  • Coffee Club: and, finally, it should be noted that in the north of Greenland there is an island baptized with the name “Coffee Club”. It was discovered in 1900.

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