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One can of Red Bull equals these cups of coffee

Red Bull has become in recent years one of the most widely consumed beverages globally. The first can was sold in April 1987 in Austria and marked the birth of the category of energy drinks, until then non-existent on the market. It is currently the best-selling energy drink globally: Red Bull is present in more than 100 countries and sells more than 6,000 million cans annually. One of the big questions many people ask is how many cups of coffee a can of Red Bull equals .

Well, a 250 milliliter can contains 80 milligrams of caffeine. For reference, it is the equivalent of a cup and a half of espresso . According to data from the World Health Organization, the maximum dose that is considered safe in a single dose is 200 milligrams. However, caffeine isn’t the main topic of debate for Red Bull’s advocates and naysayers.

And this energy drink contains 50% of the daily dose of sugar recommended by the WHO for an adult, as well as taurine, a stimulant of the Central Nervous System. There are studies that indicate that taurine combined with caffeine significantly improves mwental performance, although more studies are needed to draw definitive conclusions.

The great danger of excess energy drinks

It is worth remembering the case of a 21-year-old who spent 58 days admitted to the hospital after drinking four energy drinks a day for two years , according to the report published in ‘Live Science’. The young man went to the doctor after suffering respiratory distress and weight loss. In recent months, she felt so bad that she even had to drop out of college.

After a series of medical tests, health professionals found that he suffered from kidney failure and heart failure , two life-threatening illnesses. Some studies have linked the consumption of energy drinks with damage to the cardiovascular system due to increased blood pressure.

During his stay in the hospital, he gradually improved. Not surprisingly, he stopped drinking energy drinks and his heart function improved dramatically, to the point of not needing a heart transplant. However, according to doctors, it is very likely that you will need a kidney transplant in the future.

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