FunA young man injects himself with mercury to be...

A young man injects himself with mercury to be an X-Men superhero

Stories in which reality surpasses fiction are becoming more and more frequent. This week, according to the newspaper ‘The Mirror’, a young man of just 15 years has injected mercury in his arm to become an X-Men superhero, Mercury . He obtained the substance from a thermometer and injected himself several doses to achieve his goal.

Injecting yourself with mercury to become a superhero?

The authorities report the following: “The case of a 15-year-old boy, inspired by a film, who deliberately injected mercury subcutaneously into his forearm, causing the formation of a non-healing ulcer. The histopathology of the biopsy confirmed the diagnosis .

The case has already been registered by the National Center for Biotechnology Information in the United Kingdom , although, according to the medical report, the young man did not suffer serious damage or sequelae.

Doctors had to intervene surgically to heal the ulcer and lower the levels of mercury in urine and blood . Fortunately, the young man did not develop symptoms of chronic poisoning, showing that subcutaneous injection of mercury poses a low risk of systemic toxicity.

The most curious thing about this whole story is that the same young man had been bitten by spiders to become Spiderman before . Despite all this, the medical report indicates that his IQ is normal and he does not suffer from any type of psychiatric problem.

15 operations to become Red Skull, the villain of Captain America

As incredible as it may sound, this is not the first time someone has taken their “love” for superheroes to the extreme. In 2020, the Venezuelan Henry Rodríguez, a resident of Orense, went viral for his obsession with becoming the Red Skull, the villain of Captain America .

It all started when I was 24 years old. Since then, he has undergone 15 operations of all kinds: ear modification, silicone implants, nose amputation… ; In total, more than 30,000 euros have been spent.

This is what I live on. My body is my uniform, my job card. You cannot go to a tattoo studio and see the workers as if they were in a bank. Everything in its place, ”says the young man.

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