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ABInBev is the most creative group of the year, according to Cannes Lions

With more than 20 metals won, Mexico had a better participation in Cannes Lions 2022 compared to the one it had in the last edition of the festival, in which it won 12 medals, below other countries such as Spain, which won 29, and Colombia, which won 18. .

However, this year the one who stood out on the Mexican side in the most important creativity contest worldwide was ABInBev, as it was recognized as ‘Creative Marketer of the Year 2022’, after two of Grupo Modelo’s brands, Corona and Victoria will take home 14 lions: five gold, four silver and five bronze.

Corona won three gold lions with its ‘Plastic Fishing Championship’ campaign, with which it endorsed the brand’s commitment to the environment and crossed borders with the participation of 224 fishermen from Mexico, Brazil, Israel and China.

His second winning campaign was ‘Lenguas Indígenas’, a celebration of soccer in the languages of Mexico’s native peoples with one gold, two silver and two bronze lions.

The third initiative was ‘Jersey Pay’, a payment alternative that turned soccer team jerseys into digital wallets, with which you only need to touch the badge to acquire a Crown, which earned him a silver lion and one of bronze, as well as a bronze lion for the ‘Clásico de la Historia’, a soccer game created from 70 hours of historical audiovisual material by a team of more than 20 editors who managed to transform those recordings into a great game for Mexico, the most watched Mexican game of all time.

For Fabio Baracho, VP of Marketing at Grupo Modelo, these awards are an example of how creativity can transform the advertising industry by generating tangible results for the business. “As a leader in the sector, Grupo Modelo will not stop working on innovations that respond to a changing environment, promote cultural conversation and contribute to transformation,” he said.

On the other hand, Victoria beer won a gold lion for the ‘Cempasuchil, El Sabor del Reencuentro’ campaign, its long-awaited Day of the Dead campaign in which it extols one of the most emblematic traditions of Mexico, with it it honors beings loved ones who are no longer here, having the cempasuchil as the common thread for this moment of union. And as part of this initiative, the brand launched ‘Victoria Cempasúchil ‘, a special edition beer with an extract of this ancestral flower. Likewise, to celebrate this traditional date with all Mexicans, he ‘revived’ great icons of Mexican culture through virtual reality.

“It is a privilege that two of the most iconic brands in our portfolio are highlighting Mexican creativity in the world through initiatives that have contributed positively to our society. We hope to inspire our nation to dream big with the work that our brands have done,” said Yune Aranguren, director of Corona and Victoria in Mexico.

Grupo Modelo was founded in 1925 and is part of Anheuser-Busch InBev, a global brewing company. It currently has 17 national brands, including Corona Extra, Corona Cero, Negra Modelo, Modelo Especial, Pacífico and Victoria. In turn, it exports seven Mexican brands.

It is also an importer in Mexico of the brands Budweiser, Bud Light, Goose Island, Michelob Ultra and Stella Artois. Through a strategic alliance with Nestlé Waters, it produces and distributes in Mexico the bottled water brands Sta. María, Nestlé Pureza Vital, Perrier and S.Pellegrino, among others.

Corona is present in Mexico and in more than 180 countries around the world. The Extra version was first made in 1925 at the Cervecería Modelo in Mexico City. Instead, Victoria is a Vienna-type beer, whose antiquity and tradition are linked to the history of Mexico. Hence, their campaigns are linked to the customs and festivities of the country.

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