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Alex Wurz gives a solution to avoid a future "Piastri case"

Alex Wurz, who currently manages the career of his son and F4 driver Charlie , has come up with a possible solution for Formula 1 stakeholders in the wake of the Oscar Piastri controversy.

Currently, only official pilot and reserve pilot agreements are registered with the Contract Recognition Board (CRB).

However, the contracts of the young driver programs and the academies, which often refer to future options in F1, are not registered, which could obviously cause a big dilemma, as has happened recently between Piastri , Alpine and McLaren.

“The reason teams are interested in having a young driver academy is so that they ensure they have future talent from the start,” Wurz told

“And now we have an example [in Piastri] where if morality had a point of view in all of that, you would think someone has helped you down that path, so you have to stay with them.”

“Likewise, if whoever helps you get to the top flight doesn’t offer you an opportunity later, even though they hired you, I think you should be able to get out of that structure.”

“So not only the contracts of the official and reserve drivers should be registered with the CRB.”

“Teams that sign or have the talent of the future with the clear objective of securing their services, should register those contracts to continually enter the wild west,” he said.

Oscar Piastri, Reserve Driver, Alpine F1 Team, is interviewed

“Sometimes irrational behavior from team bosses triggers really weird contract behaviour. And that can derail all the planning behind the career of young teams by their parents or investors. I think it’s better maintain control under a mechanism such as the CRB”.

As well as protecting teams from their protégés being hunted down by rival teams, Wurz wants young drivers to be able to break their contracts if they are not allowed to progress.

“If a paying party, such as an F1 team, is doing so with the intention of keeping a talent under their roof, if they don’t have a contract that’s on record, they shouldn’t have any option on that talent going forward. .

“You want X driver, who is now in karting, later to be your talent in Formula 1. From this moment on, you have to register him.”

“That gives you a right to him. But if you don’t live up to the conditions that the contract specifies, you will lose that right. And a second or third team could get his services, because you can’t own a talent, so This one is at a dead end.”

“If you have a scheme for your young talents and for three or four years you can’t offer him a contract, it would be too unfair. In that case, he should be able to leave under certain circumstances.”

“And I think there has to be a control mechanism. And the CRB would be my preferred option.”

Wurz believes his idea would help everyone in general: “It’s a swap. The driver has one goal and the team has theirs. If everything comes together as we have agreed, the direction is clear.”

“If you can’t keep your end of the deal, either because you don’t get the results or because you can’t offer him the opportunity, we will have a tool and a mechanism for both parties to divorce but fairly,” he concluded.

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