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Alfa Romeo, "in no hurry" to decide its future in F1 after 2023

Alfa Romeo announced last month that it would end its sponsorship deal with Sauber at the end of the upcoming 2023 season. That sparked a whole series of rumors about what would happen to the Swiss, who are expected to team up with Audi to race under the name Alfa Romeo. of the Germans or, at least, run with their engines in the new regulations of 2026.

The announcement of the signing of the four rings was an attempt to divert attention from what happened in Hinwil, since it all happened on the same day, but if you go further, the club mark still has options to continue in the Great Circus.

Waiting for what the upper echelons say, Alfa Romeo could only continue in a team powered by Ferrari, which would leave Haas as the only possibility, unless Andretti lands in Formula 1 and reaches an agreement with those of Maranello to mount their power units.

Another option is for the company to look at different categories, such as Formula E or the World Endurance Championship. Like other manufacturers, the Italians are eyeing electric vehicles, which could be indicative of any decision on their future in motorsport.

“I am totally open to everything,” Alfa Romeo CEO Jehan-Philippe Imparato told “By the way, it’s a period that gives me the opportunity to study everything without pressure, that’s what I have.”

“And I would say that, even if we have to make a decision before the end of the year, there are still a few weeks and months to see how the business is, and also to choose in a calm environment,” he continued. “So I’m not in a hurry.”

“Everything is on the table. I would love to find the best compromise between the DNA of motorsport and the transition from the electric vehicle that is coming,” Imparato said. “What I’m trying to build is that coherence between my story and the necessary existential movement that I have to make, and it’s not obvious, between the DNA story and change.”

Although he declined to comment on the expected deal between Sauber and Audi, the Alfa Romeo CEO said the timing of the 2023 contract announcement was to give “clarity” to his involvement.

“The need for clarity seems to be very important,” he acknowledged. “So what I wanted to send as a message was very simple. One, that I am renewing the contract with Sauber Engineering for 20223, for a reason, we are happy with them.”

“Not just on the business side, because that’s where I get the best return on investment from the paddock, but the way we’re working together, on special editions, how we organize events with GTA and classic owners, we’re happy. “, revealed Imparato.

“The second message is, never forget that I have an annual evaluation agreement with Sauber Engineering,” he warned. “And I can go out each and every end of July of any season.”

“Third message, 2024 will be the first year in which I launch a 100% electric offer for Alfa Romeo, so, at a given moment, since we cannot plan for three months, I must do it in the longer term,” he said. “So I said we had to open a new chapter of our history, of our adventure, so it’s more than an episode with Sauber and with motorsport.”

When asked if they were interested in joining the WEC , Imparato insisted that anything was possible: “There is nothing definite in 2024, absolutely nothing. Today I am focused on 2022-2023, and in the coming months, I can say that we will be ready to consider and study them until 2026”.

“And I will return to the day I consider that I have something that is consistent with my DNA, with the Italian sportiness of Alfa Romeo,” said the CEO of the brand. “I need to be, that’s the Alfa Romeo signature. It’s very clear, to make it clear once again, we will never race with another engine than Ferrari if we stay in Formula 1.”

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