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All about the national park in Washington, DC

Nationals Stadium, a $ 611 million ballpark for the Washington Nationals, opened for the 2008 season. Officially called Nationals Park, the new stadium spearheads the revitalization of the Washington, DC corridor near the Navy Yard and the Anacostia Waterfront. . The state-of-the-art ballpark was designed to ensure an excellent viewing and entertainment experience for all.

The Washington Nationals Baseball Team, owned by the Washington, DC-based Lerner Family, competes in the Major League Baseball East National League. The Nationals play 81 home games each season in the National Park. The stadium is open all year round for all kinds of events.

Stadium location

1500 South Capitol Street, SE
Washington, DC

The stadium is bounded by South Capitol Street to the west, N Street to the north, First Street to the east, and Potomac Avenue to the south. See a map and directions for the National Park.

Transportation to the National Stadium.

The easiest way to get to the National Baseball Stadium is by public transportation. The Navy Yard subway stop is half a block from the main entrance. Read more about transportation and parking at Nationals Stadium.


Individual ticket prices range from $ 5 to $ 325 (2017 prices), with $ 5 tickets available only at the Nationals Park box office on game day. Throughout the season, the Washington Nationals offer a variety of discounts and promotional gifts. See details about tickets, discounts and promotions

Food at the nationals stadium

Red Porch Restaurant at Center Field Plaza : Open two and a half hours before the game. The menu features three styles of wings, including Thai-style chili wings, a minced Italian salad pizza, and a selection of Little League kids’ meals. The Red Porch also features a variety of draft beers and a selection of American micro-beer craft beers. Al fresco dining patios are located on either side of the restaurant with a canopy covering the Center Field Plaza tables. Sliding glass panels and roll-up glass doors allow fans to experience the sights and sounds of the stadium while enjoying their meal inside.

Concessions throughout the park : Menus include regional dishes and innovative versions of DC favorites. Four new concession concepts will be introduced in the park, including a Healthy Plate cart, with healthy wraps, fresh salads, veggies and hummus and fresh fruit; The Pit at the Red Loft, which is open mid-season and serves a traditional barbecue prepared on a charcoal grill; a grill concession stand, also open mid-season in the main lobby, serving ribs, pulled pork, and brisket; and the Triple Play Grill, located in left field V and featuring a pulled pork sandwich and a foot-long Louie crab sandwich.

The team offers three value meals at various stands: Nats Dog Meal, Nats Dog, 16 oz. sodas and chips; Nacho Value Pack, small nachos and two 16 oz sodas; and the Popcorn Value Pack, the 12-ounce tub of popcorn, and two 16-ounce sodas.

  • High-Tech Features : The stadium is equipped with advanced audiovisual technology, food service venues and entertainment and games for the whole family. The 4,811-square-foot high-definition marker is probably the largest in the nation.
  • Premium Seating – The stadium’s 41,000 seats are angled so everyone has a great view of the playing field. There are 4,000 high-priced club seats and 76 luxury suites that provide the opportunity for elegant corporate or personal entertainment. The 500-seat Presidents Club and 1,300-seat Diamond Club offer indoor dining. The Presidents Club has unique views of the media room and the player’s practice batting cages.
  • Open layout – The main hall offers a nearly 360-degree view of the playing field so fans can watch the game while shopping for concession items.
  • Accessible Seating : Since the playing field was built 24 feet below street level, approximately 55 percent of fans will not have to climb stairs, ramps, or elevators to get to their seats.
  • Panoramic Views : The stadium offers panoramic views of the Anacostia River, the Navy Yard, the surrounding city, and landmarks such as the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument.
  • Green Design : The new stadium is one of the most environmentally friendly baseball stadiums in America, with particular attention to issues that affect the health of the Anacostia River, such as managing stormwater and minimizing water pollution. Water. Nationals Park was designed to be energy efficient and was built with 20 percent recycled materials.
  • Events and Tours : Nationals Stadium is available to rent on non-game days for private receptions, corporate meetings, trade shows, tours, concerts, etc. The interior spaces of the club can accommodate up to 1,000 guests.
  • Kids Entertainment – An interactive area for kids includes a GEICO Racing Presidents photo station, Sony Playstation Pavilion, Exxon Strike Zone and Build-A-Bear workshop, batting cage, pitchers cage and a playground. These amenities open three hours before the start of each game.

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