FunAll the men who stepped on the moon

All the men who stepped on the moon

If we were to quickly ask you who were the men who stepped on the Moon , it is likely that you could only mention a few of them. Armstrong, maybe Aldrin, but few more. In truth, many of these men are not even known by name, and they deserve a good review.

For this reason, below, we let you know who were the men who stepped on the Moon, and their various jobs.

Neil Armstrong

As we said, Neil Armstrong is the most popular of this list, and that is because he is the first human being to set foot on the lunar surface, on July 21, 1969 at 2:56 (UTC).

In addition, he is credited with “a small step for a man, a great leap for Humanity.”

Edwin Buzz Aldrin

Edwin Buzz Aldrin stepped on the moon just ten minutes after Armstrong and was the second man to do so. Besides being an astronaut, he was an engineer and a pilot.

Charles “Pete” Conrad

Also an engineer, Conrad came to step on the lunar surface in November 1969, as part of the crew that carried Apollo 12 on its mission entrusted by NASA.

Alan LaVern Bean

Also a member of Apollo 12, Alan LaVern Bean is among the men who stepped on the moon and completed his first lunar flight that November 1969, when he was 37 years old. It was the fourth to step on the surface of the Moon.

Alan Shepard

Although he was the fifth man to set foot on the Moon, Alan Bartlett Shepard was already known in the environment for being the second to be launched into space, something he achieved in May 1961.

Edgar Mitchell

He was the pilot of Apollo 14, and the sixth man on the lunar surface.

David Scott

Experimental pilot of the command module on the Apollo 9 mission, David Randolph Scott was the seventh man to have the privilege of reaching the surface of this terrestrial satellite.

James B. Irwin

Irwin was not the first man on the Moon, but he was the first astronaut to travel it aboard an off-road vehicle specially designed and manufactured to withstand those conditions.

Interestingly, he took pictures of the Moon and sold them, forbidding NASA to return to space.

John W. Young

Naval officer and aviator, he was the ninth human to walk on the Moon. He had this opportunity as commander of the Apollo 16 mission, in 1972.

Charles M. Duke

Substitute astronaut on the Apollo 13 and Apollo 17 missions, he was able to indulge himself in stepping on the Moon on Apollo 16, accompanying his colleague, the aforementioned John W. Young.

Eugene Cernan

Not only did he make that trip without knowing that it would be the last of the Apollo Program, but he was also the last man to leave the lunar surface.

Harrison Schmitt

Opposite to the previous one, the geologist and politician Harrison Hagan Schmitt, who was the last to step on the surface of the Moon, but the penultimate to leave it, doing so before Cernan.

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