SportF1Alonso finally says what he thinks of Hamilton

Alonso finally says what he thinks of Hamilton

Fernando Alonso has left his opinion on Lewis Hamilton aside for a long time but finally, for those interested, and in a relaxed atmosphere, he has made it known that perhaps the seven-time world champion does not like him as well as he could wish. The Alpine rider chatted with two references of the sport such as Fernando Romay and Joaquín Sánchez and did not leave anyone indifferent with his words about Lewis.

«That one has a special place in my heart. It is out of category, it does not count, "he replied, ironically and openly laughing, when he was prodded by the improvised interviewers Romay and Joaquín , who considered that Hamilton could be among Alonso's best friends in the paddock.

"At that time it was not so bad. He had started, he was the rookie, the young man who was starting … I think it got worse over the years. Now I see him a little more lost, "said Fernando, already more sincere, about Lewis. "Each one is as he is, there are always good and bad, it is the sauce of sport," he continued.

Romay, who was still in doubt, questioned Alonso about his personal relationship with Hamilton. "You have a relationship with him, right?" , to which Fernando answered bluntly. " Little, he has little with all."

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