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Alonso gains the upper hand in the fight for the Overtake Award, the third title of the season

The tie between Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel for the Overtake Award was broken after the Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix. Between the sprint race and Sunday’s, the Alpine driver added ten overtaking times eight of the Aston Martin driver. This places the Spaniard at the top of the standings with a total of 114 overtaking .

Thinking, above all, of the Brazilian Grand Prix and the fight that Alpine is having with AlphaTauri for fifth place in the Constructors’ World Championship, Alonso mounted medium tires in the sprint race. The Spaniard came out ninth and finished twelfth, while Vettel started eleventh and finished tenth.

However, the Brazilian Grand Prix has been more favorable to Fernando Alonso . Despite running defensively going to a stop, a strategy that his teammate Esteban Ocon also opted for, he finished the race ninth behind him. Sebastian Vettel, meanwhile, finished eleventh behind Lando Norris.

Among the most outstanding overtakes of the Brazilian Grand Prix are the one made by Vettel and Alonso against Yuki Tsunoda on lap 39. Later, at 40, Fernando Alonso passed the German in this vibrant duel between world champions for the Overtake Award .


In case of a tie, the Overtake Award could go to Vettel

It is of vital importance for Alonso to have put land in the middle with respect to Sebastian Vettel since in case of a tie the title could go to the hands of the German. At least, for now, it would be like that. Although Fernando Alonso adds 20 points more than Vettel in the World Cup, he was second in the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan. On the contrary, the best result of the Oviedo was the fourth place that he reaped in the Grand Prix of Hungary.

It is also important that Alonso has broken his tie with Sebastian Vettel in the fight for the Overtake Award because Alpine is not going to favor him in the achievement of the title. The French team needs the two-time champion more than ever to maintain fifth place in the Constructors’ World Cup, where they are tied at 112 points with AlphaTauri. In this case, despite the fact that Pierre Gasly has 30 points more than Fernando Alonso and 42 more than Esteban Ocon , if Alpine maintains fifth place it is because Ocon won the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Gasly, seventh in Brazil, was again ahead of both. However, both Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso have scored in Sao Paulo, while Yuki Tsunoda has not. For this reason, the tie between Alpine and AlphaTauri remains with three races remaining until the end of the World Championship.

We know that we are not as fast as AlphaTauri in performance, that is very clear, ” warned Ocon after the United States Grand Prix. ” We have been scoring points with both cars on a regular basis and that has made the difference so far and, on the other hand, obviously also our great weekend in Hungary is what has caused us to be in the position that we are,” added the Fernando Alonso’s partner.

“All we can do is focus on ourselves and try to do the best job we can. On paper we cannot beat them , but we are pushing hard so that both cars reach the points in each race ”, Esteban Ocon concluded.

It is clear that if Fernando Alonso continues to add overtaking ahead of the Overtake Award it will be good for Alpine . However, the French team prefers that he qualify later, even if that means winning less place for him. In the end, what is going to bring them the most money is fifth place in the Constructors’ World Cup.

This is the fight for the Overtake Award

1. Fernando Alonso – 114 overtaking.
2. Sebastian Vettel – 112 overtaking.
3. Lance Stroll – 107 overtaking.

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