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Alonso rules out the podium: "We need help from those in front"

Formula 1 lands at the 2022 Italian Grand Prix to conclude the European treble after the return of the summer holidays, and everyone is eagerly waiting for the traffic lights to go out to give their best and reap a good result. One of those who hopes to continue with the positive dynamics of the last appointments is Fernando Alonso, who at 41 years of age is enjoying a second youth in the highest category of motorsports with one of his best streaks in terms of points.

The Spanish driver has finished in the prize zone in the past ten events and, with the exception of his rookie course at Minardi with an uncompetitive car, he can boast of having reached that mark in all the teams in which he has competed: Renault , McLaren, Ferrari and Alpine.

The man from Oviedo is aware of the importance of his good form, and in the official FIA press conference prior to the test in Monza, he spoke about it: “We are on a good run now, with consistency in the last ten races where we haven’t had any problems.

“One where I did [have problems] was in Barcelona, where we changed the engine and started last, or in Austria, where the car didn’t start in the sprint and we started from behind on Sunday,” Alonso explained. “We need to improve some things to have clean weekends, and if we do that, we will be in the points positions in the next few races.”

When the option of finishing on the podium was put on the table for him, something that would not be unreasonable considering the top speed of the A522 and the characteristics of Monza, he said: “I think we are in the same place that we have been all the year, behind the top 3 teams, so our natural position is seventh and eighth.

“We always need some help from the cars in front, and sometimes with the penalties on the grid, like at Spa where we started third, and here there will be other penalties, with Carlos [Sainz] and Lewis [Hamilton] from what I’ve heard.” , continued the Spaniard. “With that we will have a better starting position, but then we will end up where it is natural for us.”

In addition, Alpine acknowledged that the French team had not prepared any special part for the ‘Temple of Speed’: “We don’t have anything specific for Monza with the aerodynamics or the rear wing, so we’ll see how we perform here. We saw it In Baku and Spa, which went well, so I don’t see any reason why we won’t be competitive, I think there will be other races where we are also fast, like Suzuka or Austin, those are the ones I look at.”

In Italy, Fernando Alonso will reach the figure of 350 grand prix , thus equaling Kimi Raikkonen as the most experienced driver in the history of Formula 1, although that is not what matters most to him: “I know the number because at every end of week they repeat it, but I’m not looking at that much.

“I am happy in Formula 1, I have a contract for several years, with the next two or whatever here, and I am sure I will reach 400 races, which is a great number, and that shows my passion for this sport and the discipline to perform. at the highest level”, assured the Spaniard. “If you don’t perform, the team doesn’t give you the chance to do as many grand prix, of course.”

Alonso also joked about the test that Jacques Villeneuve, his partner at Renault, will have with an Alpine from the 2021 season: “Have fun, it will be a great opportunity for him to feel modern cars, which are impressive, with the power engine hybrid”.

“I bumped into him in a lift at Zandvoort and gave him some tips for next week, and maybe I’ll have coffee with him if he asks. “Singles are now easier to drive, more comfortable fifteen years ago, and the engines are not that complex, you can do every corner in any gear, so it’s easier.

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