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Alonso's new historical record in F1

Becoming a Formula 1 driver is one of the most difficult things in motorsport, and it is an achievement within the reach of only 20 people around the world each season. Although just becoming one of the grid heroes sounds next to impossible, just imagine breaking an all-time record.

That is what Fernando Alonso seems to do every weekend, who close to his 41st birthday at the end of July, on the 29th, has overtaken Kimi Raikkonen as the driver who has completed the most kilometers in the Formula 1 race.


The man from Oviedo, with the first 44 laps of the 2022 British Grand Prix, passed the Finn on the list, and at the moment of crossing the finish line with a creditable fifth position, which could have been fourth after complaints about the movements of Charles Leclerc On the straight, he accumulated 92,643 kilometers of competition on a single-seater of the highest category.

With a publication on social networks, Formula 1 celebrated this milestone for the Spaniard, in addition to providing a series of data to put the feat with his Alpine into perspective. The number of kilometers that Alonso has completed in Grand Prix corresponds to a quarter of the trip to the Moon , or what is the same, leaving with an initial speed of 38,200 km/h to enter orbit for 33 hours.

Another impressive fact is that such a distance is the same as that of 2,195 marathons , where, going at the absolute record pace in each of them, it would take more than 4,390 hours to complete.

In addition, with the distance that Fernando Alonso has accumulated so far in all his 344 participations in Formula 1, it would be possible to go around the planet Earth up to 2.3 times , but more impressive is that it would take 54.2 million people united from the hand to cover all those kilometers.

History is about to be written, and the two-time Spanish champion has a pencil in his hand, so it will not take long to add more records, such as the driver with the most grand prizes played in the highest category of motorsport, also surpassing Kimi Raikkonen. The one from Alpine, if nothing strange happens and he competes in all the remaining weekends, will equal the Finn in the Italian Grand Prix, when he celebrates his 350th career, and it will be in Singapore when he is the oldest in Formula 1.

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